what is up everyone welcome back to my
channel my name is Josh Horton this is Chris Caples who is my teammate today
first these two police officers Ashley George and officer Fisher please have a
little respect for the badge one of the two of them is a real LAPD officer and
the others or George is here with us so thank you thank you today we’re doing a
classic game for the channel I haven’t done in a while but it is two on two and
we have seven spots along the court we also have seven different items come
over here come over here we have basketball football frisbee
tennis balls toilet paper cornhole bags and because we brought our cop friends
here some doughnuts nope no no no no no no wait there by the video for the video
each team will alternate rolling the dice to see how many attempts they have
you choose what item you want to shoot from what space most points wins if
you’re confused you’ll catch on here we go
Philip and trick shot cop you are up first this officer Fame sir and please
don’t let me tell you again okay okay I we worked hard for these badges
I lost my badge I think doughnuts first for what do you think you’re right okay
someone take a bite anyway yeah sooner we using the soon
one roll per turn let’s see it Caleb five okay you guys have five attendants
to make your shots this is for it this shot is worth one point each time you
make a dish shine is worth two points each each time you make it and so on and
so forth okay if you read space to would be ten possible points okay I’m used to
dunkin donuts okay four out of five they got four points
not that and now celebrate oh this is about a four point eight just say blue
break cake doughnuts my fear of doing them all time oh yeah
Caleb Caleb has a germ thing and he just put two and two together
Chris’s hands have been all over that RIM I don’t have a problem with it okay
now it’s our turn Chris are we going doughnuts oh you smooch it up doughnuts
are definitely one of the tougher items but I think it’s possible in the
free-throw line free-throw or yours pretty crispy you
want to go for is bees actually also tough from the left yes okay yeah okay we’re going we’re going
frisbee let’s get my attempts to get oh are you starting sorceress how do you
take off six verse okay nope wait it’s hard to chew some destroy a village it
was a team challenge I’d rather show you a three-pointer
okay I’m gonna dunk it and he smoked it he’s wrapped up Nick
six for six so it’s four to six going around to treat the line free I say we
either do shoot two hours later okay what are you doing I think we’re gonna
go with the frisbee thank goodness he finally made a decision okay how many this emoji drop a thumbs up if you think
me and Chris are gonna beat the cops today drop a thumbs up right now yep Oh
guys today’s winners get to do today’s world record videos I’ll tell you at the
end so you want to win so you can attempt the world record
I want to winner gets $1,000 no that’s a different video okay here we go
all right Donuts where’s the date go nuts for donuts
give him one give him one for thank you work I want to eat it
huh ready yep nothing there for me now go go
again okay one bring our total to seven yes no no eight it’s where two points
get away from me okay so after round two we’re still winning eight – what do you
guys really bums have five is that true fine no no four four four eight Des
Moines what are we going with Nexus is three-pointer tennis ball tennis ball
from three yeah okay also I forgot we have toilet paper somewhere here okay
we just know those are okay so it’s not losing like they just argue and
strategize and well there’s getting their butts kicked right now hey Turner
paper we’re about to wipe the floor whoo okay here we go
you sure you use toilet paper for round two I’m here I like whoo five we’re
about the what a strong good choice – how do you
brick we are going tennis ball we just excite injury they took us about
four seconds to decide I want you guys to take notes from that yeah yeah I’m oh
my gosh one oh wow like I felt like through at the
same time I’m magic caleb is cheating once again it’s okay
we’re still winning let’s go with the cornhole bag see look at that
no talking thank you we’ll do it it’s getting easier as we run out of items
but ya know we were going tennis ball from there Oh Mike yeah kornel from hat
oh my gosh okay and their turns are too come on Oh
three three I like three good enough Chris what man okay wait
what just happened there you go good you better go again you made it he is the
chosen one what is it 15 14 15 to 14 you going into
the half-court round you guys only as officer George will say we’re going
hacky sack from have your officer George that is correct
my brother he’s a queer old nice here’s the six okay fourth
all right Wow Wow that’s worth five points
yes nineteen Oh yes no for the halfcourt round we are
making a big crime decision huh right because we’re going basketball give us
something good three only three let me get through it
three granny’s we are three granny’s Chris we’d won come on wait be there we
go that was clutch it’s again 2019 the year that’s almost coming to an end
while we talk about 2019 I just want to say this year’s been just so hey what
are you going hey roll the dice see I mean you have a bat oh my gosh yeah you got to Morton are you kidding
me what if I could arrest inanimate objects I promise you that gold be in
jail right now five to nine okay look just jokingly throughout five to nine
this is you can’t make this stuff up we just looked it up it says every person
who falsely person AIT’s another I just called the cops on myself I’m going
later slack because he’s on my team so you’re okay for today but that was crazy
here is the strategy talk we can’t have if we go football here and increase our
chances of football and then we’ll just like plan on not making it like we can
just like roll the toilet paper let’s do football and we’re not we’re
not expecting anything from the last round no no you’re overlooking that okay well now we need this help we’re at
by one so we need to hope they get nothing last round cuz I don’t think
we’re gonna get any glass round it’s not funny we already made this joke
there’s only football left we’re seeing it through we are really putting a lot
of thought into this which football so roll the dice we have to three always
football roll the dice that’s from Paulie team has lost you just lose odd we don’t
have to throw the toilet paper except today’s world record is the longest
throw over 12 paper roll into a hoop currently held by Brody Smith on my
channel a long time ago at 60 feet so Chris and I are gonna try to break that
right now it’s literally where we would have been having to throw from anyway
okay so if we make it from this circle that is 62 feet from new world record
Brody and I filmed the video in a gym with no wind so this will be a little
tough but Chris I think you you’ve got this we got this suite maybe we but
probably you oh wow world record 62 feet let’s go
thank you so much for watching one drop a thumbs up and a comment if you haven’t
yet congratulations to officer George on your new world records by Dixie two feet
and Brody Smith congratulations he has a joke he’s gonna be back subscribe to
trickshot cop some time to Chris stapled and subscribe to Caleb nephew that’s a
wrap everybody here – fortune hey follow me on instagram and follow all of us on
this trip and on tik-tok you can get all those in the description click on those
videos up top we will see you guys later fight my sister is filming for us today

100 thoughts on “Challenging POLICE OFFICERS to TRICK SHOT BATTLE!

  1. Thanks for watching, everyone! I love you guys!!! Drop a thumbs up and a comment for chance to win juggling balls from like Hersey Maggie and Louie did!

  2. That toilet roll throw from full court though? I would love some juggling balls Josh — I just got 10 throws and catches with 5 balls yesterday!

  3. Congratulations on the win and smart decision on leaving the tp till end lol also Congratulations officer George on the record

  4. Calebs joke at 2:03 was the best one I’ve heard from him. Finally of all the jokes he makes, one of them was a slam dunk. 🐏

  5. I knew Chris was a globetrotter, but didn’t know until tonight that he was on The Bachelorette! Also didn’t know his name is Christon. Good stuff

  6. I wonder what the old couple walking the dog @ 8:04 were thinking when they saw a police officer on a basketball court with 4 grown men shooting 3s with a toilet paper roll…lol Fun stuff guys thanks for the entertainment on your channel…never gets boring!

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