CGR Undertow – ESPN NHL HOCKEY review for PlayStation 2

CGR Undertow – ESPN NHL HOCKEY review for PlayStation 2

Well, well, well. ESPN NHL Hockey. Didn�t
expect much from this. These days, ESPN and NHL go together as well as…freaking, fireworks.
At a gas station. Actually, that sounds kind of awesome. Which is fitting, because…so is this game. So obviously, reviewing this game ten years
later…it�s important to note that, in 2003, ESPN actually acknowledged the existence
of hockey. Today, not so much. That�s what makes this game�s quality so surprising.
That and the fact that it�s a decade-old sports game for the PlayStation 2. And most
of those haven�t aged well. Mario Lemieux doesn�t age. And much like Le Magnifique himself, this
game is smooth, skilled and almost always buries it. ESPN NHL Hockey was released ten
years ago by SEGA, and it�s essentially a follow-up to NHL 2K3. And what a fantastic
follow-up it was. This game was almost unanimously praised at the time of its release, and it
holds up even today. This is still a great PS2 hockey game. So how does it play? Well, if you�re familiar
with EA�s recent NHL games…this one is actually kind of similar. At least, in foundation.
Same camera, similar controls…again, it�s surprising just how well the game still plays.
Skate with the left stick, deke with the right, shoot or pass with a button press…simple,
intuitive stuff. And that makes the game�s complexity all the more enjoyable. See, I was surprised to find that…it�s
really hard to score in this game. Which is to say, you can�t just skate down the ice
and bury it. Unless you�re number 66. You really have to play hockey here. Cycle the
puck, find the open man, set up a one-timer…the game doesn�t really let you get away with
just taking dumb shots. The goalies are actually tough to beat here. And above all else, that�s what I love about
ESPN NHL Hockey. Simple controls with deep hockey gameplay. That�s awesome. And fortunately,
there�s also a ton of modes and features to flesh-out the experience. There�s a franchise
mode, which�keep in mind�has a very 2003 feel, as well as minigames, skill competitio� BOOM. You kidding me? What a backhander . Speaking of which, Gary Thorne and Bill Clement
are on board for commentary, which is a nice touch. And it�s actually really
impressive for 2003. In fact, you could say that for the entire game. ESPN NHL Hockey
is the best PS2 hockey game I�ve ever played, as well as an outstandi� Oh, and he sets up the one-timer! It�s…it�s over, folks. Elvis has just
left the building. It�s ESPN NHL Hockey for PlayStation…soixante

29 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – ESPN NHL HOCKEY review for PlayStation 2

  1. I loved this game and I still have it, this game have a fantastic commentators and great gameplay, but that savegame bug ruined my franchise-mode everytime 🙁

  2. he means that ESPN used to broadcast NHL games back in the day via National Hockey Night (which is since been extinct) and Wedensday Night Hockey (now on the NBC Sports Network). nowadays, it`s all highlights, and very rarely will you see college hockey.

  3. ESPN NHL 2K5 puts this game to shame. it`s got great gameplay, great music, and it`s so in-depth. when i got the game, i nearly sh*t myself it was so good, but nothing touches the mighty NHL 06.

  4. Still remember when I got NHL 2K5 for my PS2 loved that game played the heart and soul out of it

  5. But, but, but…! Now you can tell your Xbox you want to listen to the latest Ke$ha jam and get your fantasy sports updates AND watch LIVE TELEVISION all at the same time!!! Plus I THINK you might still be able to play a game or two on it… not sure about that one though.

  6. Mario Lemieux is a class act, Sidney Crosby on the other hand is a disgrace. I'll never look at Crosby the same again after his pathetic antics and shameful behavior during last year's playoff loss to the Flyers.

  7. this game still had some of those scoring glitches like skate across the middle and slap shot far side
    as well as idiotic one timers that made no physical sense with how much power a player could generate of an off wing shot

  8. I may not like sports but i do love hockey, really loved this game when i had it even though i wasn't very good at it

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