3 thoughts on “Cahoon Plantation Golf Course closes suddenly

  1. Same thing happened a decade ago in Wake Forest, NC when the Wake Forest Country Club ceased operation after over 50 years . The adjacent homeowners association was given a couple of months notice, attempted to keep it open and lost the course. Property values plummeted and did not recover until developers began construction of new subdivisions on the property a few years ago. This most likely is what awaits those that live at Eagle Point in Chesapeake. The next question facing south side golfers is which course will also shutter for lack of marketing & play. Will it be obsolete Bow Creek? A 'malnourished' Hells Point? The listing Elizabeth Manor C.C.? As far as I know, there are no new courses planned for the Tidewater region given the increasing cost of land and strangling regulation.

  2. I used to work there and was devastated by the news. A friend and I went there to photograph it before it was demolished but thankfully City Council has decided to put a hold on all rezoning requests and also told Wallace Cahoon he had to keep the grass mowed until the course was either sold or reopened. I sincerely hope it's the latter.

  3. If you don't play and use the golf course then that's what happens. Social membership is not enough to support the golf club even with the extra payment for the lots. Golf course membership initiation and monthly dues for all residents may be another way to sustain these courses along with required amount of play and dinning.

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