BABY in the SKATE PARK!! Backyard fun, Bug Catching, and Cooking with Adley and Niko!

BABY in the SKATE PARK!! Backyard fun, Bug Catching, and Cooking with Adley and Niko!

– Get ready for some fun. Today is going to be a very special… – Here is the best day ever. (booming sound effect) – Best day ever. – Cooking edition. – Cooking edition? – This cooking edition. – We’re gonna cook? – [Mom And Adley] Yeah. – I think it’s at the door. – It’s at the door? – Yeah! – Go get it! – Then let’s go look. – Zoom! [Dad laughs] [Dad Gasps] – Wow – [Dad] Just like that! We’re partnering with
Home Chef to make you guys a delicious meal right now.
Can you grab that Adley? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay. – Oh! – [Dad] Or is it heavy? – It’s a little heavy. – All right, I’ll help ya. – I wanna slide on It! – Oh, okay. Let’s go! Vroooom brr-rrrm. Let’s open it up. – Rip it. – Rip it open. – [Adley and Dad] Oooohhhh. – Should we cook a sirloin steak? – [Mom] Mmmm, yum. – Or should we cook Santa Fe creamy steak? – No, no. – [Mom] Yum. – Or should we cook grilled
honey mustard salmon? – No – [Mom] Mmmm. – Okay. Or should we cook barbecue chicken? – No – [Mom] Oooh! – Or should we cook a sirloin
steak with pesto butter? – Yeah. – Yeah?! – Yeah. – [Mom] Is that the first one? – This is the sirloin steak.
Yeah this was the first one. – [Mom] Oh. Yeah, I like that one. – Do you want steak or chicken? – Um, steak. – [Mom] Yeah! – I like that decision. – Let’s open this package up. – You wanna help me open it? – Yeah. – [Mom] Keeping it fresh! – Take this out. So everything comes packaged. Ooh, feel that. It’s cold. – Whoa – [Mom] Ooh that’s awesome. – So this is for the barbecue chicken. So we’ll put this one in the fridge. And then this one is for- – There’s a carrot inside! – Sirloin steak. – [Mom] Yes. – There’s a big carrot inside! – Should we cook this one? – [Mom] That’s what we’re eating. – There you go. Okay, what else do we got? – Oh, I got, I got a (giggling). – That’s the recipes. And here’s the meat and that’s our steak. – Yummy! – I know, that looks yummy. Oh yeah. – [Adley] I’m gonna open this. – [Dad] Dill, find the right recipe. – [Mom] Okay, there we go. – Mom, you’re a snowman! – Hey! (laughing) – [Dad] Okay guys, who
has the best Olaf face? – [Mom] Put that carrot on
your nose when you do it! – [Dad] ‘Kay. Olaf face. Olaf face. All right, who was the
best Olaf face? (laughing) Let us know. Um, you probably never cooked
with us. It’s complete chaos. (Adley laughing) – Aaahh! – [Dad] No way, Jose. It’s a magic wand. Brrrr, poof! You’re a frog! – [Adley] Ribbit. – [Dad] Brrrrrr! (poof noise) What is she? – Ummm, a banana. – [Dad] You’re a banana. (Adley laughing) Let’s continue the cooking – I was like, so confused
cause it doesn’t say recipes, but these are the recipes. – [Adley laughing] Daddy! – [Dad] Oh, this is a book where
we can put all the recipes. – [Mom] This is just a binder, yeah. – [Adley] Oh my gosh! – [Dad] Okay, yep. – [Adley] Oh my gosh. – We’re learning, you know,
first-time Home Chef-ers. – [Adley] Look at what we got! – [Dad] What is that? – I don’t know – [Dad] It’s rice I think. – Yeah, I want to eat the rice, all gone! – [Dad, laughing] Good idea. What do we do? – All right, we need- – Help us. – [Dad] Ooh, what’s
that? Oh, that’s butter. That’s cool, they give you
the exact serving size. So, that’s one of the reasons that I said, “Yes, let’s do this cool Home Chef video because it’s easy”. Everything
comes in just the sizes that you want. Like that butter, that’s exactly how much butter you need. – [Mom] And that’s the first
step: Open the butter– – And that’s the easy part. – Set it on the counter to soften. – [Dad] Oh see, we just
did the first step. – [Mom] Step one is done. – [Dad] Good job, step one done. – Look, what is this? – [Mom] What is that? – [Dad] Slime. – [Mom] Oh, that’s probably the pesto. – [Dad] What’s pesto? – This. – [Dad] Oh, got it. What are we preheating the oven– That’s the microwave. – [Mom] That’s a microwave. – [Dad, Laughing] What are
we preheating the oven to? See that’s how easy it is. People who don’t even know the difference between an oven or microwave, they got it. (beeping) Bake, four-zero-zero, start. Did I do that right? Bake. Wait we have two ovens? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] I maybe did that wrong– – [Mom] Let me do it. – [Dad] There. No, I did
it right, I did it right. I just pushed start on the wrong oven. – [Mom] I don’t trust you. – [Dad] I did that already. Rewind, show me doing that already. Bake, four-zero-zero. Exactly. All right next step. (Adley screaming) – It’s cold – [Mom] Okay, we need a medium pot. – (Scream) – Ahh! (Adley laughing) It’s frozen! I’m cold, feel my hand now. – Ahh! – [Dad] Okay, guys focus,
we’re supposed to be cooking. – Okay, Sorry, sorry, sorry. – Feel my hand. – [Mom] Bring a medium
pot of water to a boil. – [Dad] you do that part. – I’ll do that. (Adley screams) – [Dad] Whoa, shh. Don’t
scream into the ice. – Never thought I’d say that. – [Dad] Okay, thoroughly
rinse product and pat dry. – [Adley] What’s this? – [Dad] You need to rinse that. will you rinse it in the water? – Oh, yes. – [Dad] Thank you. – Okay. – [Dad] Ooh, good rinse. Look at these rinsing skills. Prepare a baking sheet,
that’s what you’re doing. Peel, trim, and cut a carrot. Adley, do you know how to cut carrots? – Oh, I do. – [Dad] Oh good, except
for you’re too little to cut a carrot, I just realized that. What’s a carrot cutter? I know what a carrot cutter looks like. Let me see if I can find it. – [Adley] Daddy, can I cut this carrot? – [Dad] This maybe works. See if you can grind it. (Adley grunting) (Dad laughing) – [Dad] Try these. – Okay. Weeee, I’m flying! – [Dad] Good job! Mom’s gotta cut the carrots,
’cause she’s the Mom master. – [Adley] What are you gonna– – Uhh, can we get some music
going while we’re cooking? Yeah, Brandon, can we
get a little music going? Maybe a little cooking
montage, yeah? Yeah? – Cooking montage. – [Dad] Cooking montage. Say, “start”. – Start. (Dad laughing) (fun music playing) – Wash, wash, wash your hands. – Soap
– My soap. – Soap. – Smell it. – Mmmmm – It smells like granola bar. – [Mom and Dad] Granola bar? – I wanna be on top – I wanna be on top – Hey, I’m getting all the soap– – I wanna be on top. – Rinse up (Adley laughing) – Welcome to Adley’s cooking show. – Ahhh – Do you guys wanna see Adley disappear? Watch this. – Watch me disappear. – She’s gonna disappear. Watch this. Where’s Adley? I don’t even know. I’ll make her re-disappear. Ready? Whooosh. She’s coming back. (whooshing noises) She’s back. That’s called magic. (lively music playing) (steak sizzles) – [Dad] No, no, no, no. – Dinner for you. – [Dad] Oh, I like that. – Can I help you, Mom? – Yes! – Oh, yuck! (adults laughing) – [Dad] It’s like making
slime, but you can eat it. – I don’t wanna eat it. – [Mom] It smells good. Smell it. It smells good, huh? – Yeah, but it still looks yucky. It looks like Nico poop. – [Mom] Okay! – [Dad Laughing] Probably
can’t use that clip. We’ll probably cut that out, Brandon. Oven’s ready. We’re at 400. (baby crying) Nico’s awake! – Nico’s awake! – [Dad] Let’s get him. Our Master chef is Nico. (baby crying) – [Dad] Hello, Masterchef. – [Adley] Look at Nico’s curtains. – [Dad] Oh, are you showing
them his new curtains? These are brand new curtains. (Little Einstein theme song plays) – [Adley] Whoa, look at Daddy and Nico. (Dad laughs) (Nico gurgles) – [Dad] You like carrots, huh? – [Adley] You want? (Nico gurgles) – [Dad] Do your best Olaf face. (Laughter) (baby gurgles) – [Mom] Yep, okay, well,
everything’s cooking. Do you wanna go play
outside with the kids? – [Dad] Yes. By ‘kids’
you mean just one kid? – [Mom] I mean both kids. – [Dad] I think you mean just one kid? – [Mom] I think I mean both kids. – (Dad) Both kids? – (Mom) You can take
him out in the walker. – (Dad) Huh, let’s go shred the skatepark. – Go shred the skatepark. – (Dad) You wanna go
shred the skatepark buddy? Yo, I’m lowkey really excited for this, I-I how have I not thought
about this already? Go shredding the skatepark. You stay right there
I’ll come get you, okay? – (Adley) I’ll make sure he stays. – (Dad) You’re gonna babysit him? – (Adley) Yeah – (Dad) Okay, I’ll get him
set up for the skatepark. Just a little science experiment, you know we’ve never rolled Nico own
the skatepark in the walker. But if we did, what would happen? In the name of science,
pretend Nico’s right there. Brandon photoshop Nico in. Yep pretend he’s there. He, weeeeee (laughing) he could totally shred – He’s eating the dog food, Nico is. – (Dad) Who’s eating the dog food? No, thank you You’ll keep an eye on it while it cooks? Come get us when we’re
ready for our next step. We’re gonna hang out outside, huh buddy. You jumping on a trampoline? – Yeah – (Dad) let’s see your best trick. – Dad you gotta get off then. – (Dad) Oh, sorry. – First try no warmup Whoa, that was so good. That was a great handstand, Adley. – Thank you – Nico, welcome to your
first time in the skatepark, you’re gonna love it in here. You’re gonna sit in there,
da na na na na na na na na. Woooooo, hey is that fun? – Da na na na na, watch the hills. – (Dad) Wooo hoo hoo – Wee, weee – (Dad) oh yeah, good tricks buddy. Mom, look at Nico, he can shred. – Can he? Holy cow. – (Dad) That’s pretty fun buddy. Should we, what should we do? – Bug hunting – (Dad) Do some bug hunting? – Yeah, I’ll put on my hat. Pretend I have a bag, um
I mean mosquito hat on. – (Dad) okay put it on. Okay let’s go. – And you have yours on. – I’ll put on my mosquito hunting hat. Let’s go Okay lets go over here, far
away from the skatepark. Let’s go. You’re cruising, woo hoo. Good job. – (Adley) Check in the rocks – (Dad) Yeah , we gotta
check in the rocks for bugs. See if we find any. Hmmm,
do you see any bugs? (Adley squeals) – (Dad) What? – It’s green – Guys, guess what, Adley caught her very first
butterfly the other day. It was on her Adley video huh. – Uh huh I got it – (Mom) You get em – I got one – (Dad) We’re looking for
bugs, where’s all the bugs? Oooh, maybe in here. – (Adley) Maybe in there. – (Dad) ohh – (Adley) Yuck, dirt. – We’re not doing very
good as bug hunters. Maybe in the tree? – (Adley) No, nothing in there. – (Dad) Where’s all the bugs at? – (Adley) Whoa. – (Dad) Do you see any? – (Adley) Whoa, no, no bugs – I feel like when I was a little kid I could find bugs everywhere. What happened to me? I’ve fallen. So we’ve determined we are
not very good bug hunters, at least not in the backyard. But that’s a good thing. No bugs in the backyard. – Come on. – (Dad) The glove. – (Mom) Okay, back up, it’s hot. – (Dad) Ready? – (Mom) Back up – (Dad) Back up Woo the carrots, mmmm, good job. – (Adley) Can I see? – (Dad) That looks yummy. And then you got the meat and the rice. – (Adley) Mom, I want rots of rice. – (Dad) Rots of rice?! – Yeah (Dad laughs) – (Dad) Mmmmm, this looks so yummy. Adley, we are chefs, we helped make this. – Mmhmm. – (Dad) Ooh, secret handshake. – Foot – (Dad) oh, foot – Head – (Dad) Thunk Babe you are a legit chef, look at that. – (Mom) I know. – (Dad) and vegetables. The amount of time we have
vegetable with our dinner is like one out of ten. – (laughs) Yeah – (Dad) We should maybe fix that. Nico do you wanna see a magic trick? – Vrrrrrrrrrroooom – (Dad) What, how’d you do that? – (Mom) Okay – Vrrrra – (Dad) whoop, it disappeared?! – Yeah – (Mom) Dinners ready. – (Dad) That’s magic. – (Mom) Look and now
you’ve got a plate of food. – (Dad and Mom) Huh, it’s magic. – (Mom) With a pop. – (Dad) With a pop! – (Mom) It’s magic. – (Dad) It’s magic Where did that pop come from? – (Mom) I have no idea. – (Dad) Oh that looks delicious
babe, secret handshake? – (Adley) You got it with pop. – I don’t know, we don’t have one. – Team we did it. Let me try a bite. Everyone try a bite, let’s do cheers. Ready? – (Adley) cheers – Cheers mmm, cheesy rice. – Good steak – Actually really like that. Carrot bite. Cheers – Cheers – Cheers – Cheers – That’s good. – Mmhmm – We are professionals. Psssssch. Here’s what you guys need
to know about our experience with Home Chef so far. Pretty much three things
I’d say, good variety, there was like 6 different meals. I think total there’s
like 18 different things you can choose from. – Yep, that’s correct. – You know a traditional
meal for us is like a quesadilla or a pizza, – Yes. – not much variety there. We’ve got a variety of
vegetables and meat and grains. You like it? Good job Adley. – It’s really good huh? – And Adley just ate
the meat, she normally doesn’t eat meat, so that’s good. Thing number two, price. Seemed like a good price? – Yeah – That’s the second thing. Reasonable price, it’s
like a normal meal price, like $7.99 to $9.99 – Per meal. …per meal here so good value there. What’s last? – Convenient. – Convenient, that’ll be the third thing. It literally shows up to your door and you’re just good to go. – I actually felt like a chef making this. – The three year old could make it. – She really can. – A three year old, a Dad
who doesn’t know how to cook- (laughter) and a Mom who kind of knows how to cook. – Who never cooks. – That’s all you need to make these meals. – I don’t want to cook cause it’s hard and this was just easy
everything’s already proportioned out for you. – Last thing you need to know, is because we partnered with Home Chef you guys get a discount. So if you want to try it
out, you get 20 dollars off your first like four things that you do. The first four meals. (Adley singing) That’s like 80 dollars total. If you’re ever like, “Hey Shaun, when have you ever given me 80 dollars?” I’ll be like “This video
I gave you 80 dollars”. – Dad, I want to show my bunny. – And this is Adley’s
bunny that’s the 4th thing. – She got it for Easter. – Bunny’s like these meals, huh – Yeah – What’s the bunny’s name? – Pretty bunny. – Pretty bunny? – Pretty bunny. – I love Adley’s names for stuff. Snow mouse, pajama baby, pretty bunny. She’s really good at literal naming. Pretty bunny, is there anything else we need to tell the vlog? – It’s easy to order, I can even do it on my phone. – Order on your phone, it’s really easy. – Order on your phone. – You can choose what meals you want. – Different varieties of food. – That’s easy, and then – We got to try that one, Chicken Alfredo. Yummy food! – So yeah if you guys
want to give it a shot it’s gonna be link in the description. Click it, you’ll enjoy it. We’re gonna finish eating,
and then more fun stuff So stick around for a
little bit more fun, BRB. This one, let’s see it. – Pretend I lost a shoe
and I’m Cinderella. – Oh, Okay. Oh Cinderella did you
lose this shoe, let’s see. – Yeah – Oh, it fits, you’re the princess. Adley, why are we putting
on your fancy shoes? – Cause we’re gonna dance
and go to the space station. – Yeah, we’re gonna have a dance party, and then we’re gonna go
to the space station. – Can I do the next part. – Yeah, you do the next
part, you’re good at it. ( music playing) – Our dance party has
turned into a riding party. (crashing sounds) Should we see who’s fastest? Are you ready? Racers- – On your, whoa, whoa, whoa False start, Get back here. On your marks, get set, go. Vroooom (laughter) Go round. – (Mom) Go round, go round. (laughter) The winner, the winners, it’s a tie. – They both win! – (Mom) Woohoo – (Dad) Should we
continue the dance party? – Yeah (music playing) – On your phone. – Yes. – It’s easy. (laughter)
Probably have to refilm that. – It’s loading.

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