Avoid Freezing Over the Ball

Avoid Freezing Over the Ball

[Music] have you ever become frozen over the ball feeling like you can’t move and you don’t know when to initiate the swing well it happens at every level of golf even with Tour players Michael powers with north bound golf and what you’re watching is a video of European Tour player Sam horse field doing exactly that becoming frozen over the ball the video went viral on Twitter a few weeks ago during the Turkish Airlines Open a lot of people had some strong opinions about the video and then same horse Field responded with his own tweet explaining that it’s not something that he’s trying to do and that he and his team are working hard to try and fix it in this video I’m going to show you what Sam horse field does that causes him to freeze over the ball for such a long time and then I’ll show you what most players do to avoid it here’s the video again I want you to compare Sam’s behavior before the club goes in behind the ball to what he does after the club goes in there here the club is clear of the ball and we can see that he waggles the club and his entire bodies in motion his feet are in motion this rhythmic motion is what we see in all the great players now sam puts the club in behind the ball and he makes the grave error of leaving it there for a long time we call this leaving the club at measure and when the club stops like this he stops great players never stop they always remain in motion until the swing motion starts now let’s take a look at Tiger Woods during this year’s Tour Championship just as Sam does Tiger puts the club in behind the ball but he doesn’t leave it there he takes it out of the ball and waggles it he does it twice here and then he hits it let’s take a look at that in slow motion focus on the club head and watch how after it goes into the ball it comes right back out and once it’s clear of the ball he’s free to remain in motion and make a waggle which prepares him for the swing motion that’s is about to make here’s Tom Watson who’s always exhibited great motion and rhythm he wouldn’t have that rhythm if he left the club sitting behind the ball and here’s the great Australian champion Peter Thompson his process is very similar to Tiger Woods he releases the club from the ball twice and therefore he waggles it twice and now Phil Mickelson it can seem like a trivial matter leaving the club at the ball but without getting it out of there you lose the opportunity to remain in motion leaving the club at measure not only prevents you from remaining in motion it also prevents you from knowing when to start the swing here’s some wisdom from the great Scottish player and teacher Tommy Armour in his book in red bold type he says when the waggle is completed the backswing should be started right away there’s no doubt that are more knew that you can’t get motion from a lack of motion TM horse field is not the only player that leaves the club at measure Patrick Cantley is another talented player that leaves the club behind the ball and it’s no coincidence that he spends a lot of time standing over the ball besides do you really want your playing partners to be as disinterested as Phil Mickelson seems to be here it’s painful to watch these young players fall into this trap of leaving the club behind the ball and really getting stuck there remember leaving the club at measure is the main reason why players freeze over the ball and once the club stops moving you’ll stop moving and you won’t know when to start the swing so get the club out of the ball and waggle it and after that last waggle start the swing without delay thanks for watching this video and for more content please visit our website at north golf calm [Music] you

4 thoughts on “Avoid Freezing Over the Ball

  1. Great vid! I’ve always chocked this up to swing anxiety when it happens to me. I’m gonna try this tomorrow re: Going from last waggle straight to the takeaway.

  2. Great advice, thank!! Amazing that almost nobody speaks about this apparently crucial thing (not even when discussing the importance of the waggle)!

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