Am I too fat to skate? (The answer is no.)

Am I too fat to skate?  (The answer is no.)

What’s up Planet Roller Skaters? Pigeon
here and today I’m hanging out with Shove– [Shove] What’s up guys! [Pigeon] And Rebel! [Rebel] Sup! You might know them better by their Instagram handles which is @Fat_Girl_Has_Moxi and
@queergirlstraightskates and today we’re discussing a question we
get all the time which is: Am I too fat to skate? Nooo! The answer is no! [Rebel] No! Let’s discuss. [Music] 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll,
this is how we roll, this is we roll, let’s roll. [Cheering] Yeah! Wahoo! Yipppie! How long have you guys been skating? [Shove] I’ve been skating for
almost two years now Um, religiously skating for about the last year and trying to do the 365 days challenge
right now so that way and get even more
comfortable on my skates. Nice. Ah, same. I started actually we started the same orientation for a
roller derby and I had literally never skated at all before that and so derby
kind of taught me how to skate and then this girl was like, “Hey I’m gonna go
street skating, you should come.” And I was like, “She’s hot.” [Rebel] So–
[Shove] Love at first skate, love at first skate for sure. [Rebel] So now I have also skated
religiously since last March. [Pigeon] So you guys have become
pretty big influencers in the skate community and I’m sure a lot
of people ask you guys questions all the time– All the time. So what are some of the
questions that you guys get a lot? So my whole platform is based on body
positivity in the skate community and just in life in general, so I get a lot of
questions of, “How do you and can you skate being a bigger girl?” ‘Cause they see me doing it but
they have so many questions like, “How can you do it without being
laughed at,” like, “How are you like confident doing it.” “What kind of gear can you use?”
Like, “Is their gear out there for people of our sizes?” So a lot of those questions
like I try to like find answers for them And let them know like,
if I can do it you can do it too. [Rebel]: Um I get all sorts of weird questions. Uh, I am like the zany white girl
in the background of a lot of her videos “How do you be yourself and be your
authentic style and self while you’re skating?” So that’s kind of what I’m all
about too is I had a big past of not being free to be queer and so I’m kind
of like proclaiming that with my skating too. So I get asked a lot about that. That’s awesome where
did you guys get the idea to start a skating Instagram? Uh, It’s started because I just started getting really into skating more and
then I was like into watching skaters on Instagram to like get more ideas
and I was like, “Okay, where do I find these people?” I was like I’m just gonna find–
create my own a platform my Instagram that’s just for skating but then I was
like one day playing with words and I was like,
“Okay I love Moxi, I’m obsessed with Moxi.” And I was like “That Girl Has Moxi”,
“Fat Girl Has Moxi.” So I was like, “Now you know:
she’s fat. She skates.” That’s my basis. You know who and what I’m trying to do.
And I just started following all these skaters and I was
like they’re amazing and then all of a sudden I just kind of took off and I was
just like realizing I’d get these messages that were like: “Seeing you out
there really showed me that I can I don’t really have an excuse. Like my
weight is not an excuse. I shouldn’t be embarrassed. Like if you can do it I can.”
And I think representation is very important especially if I’m skating I
see like a little girl–like I used to have a lot of body image issues and if I
would have saw someone out there my size doing whatever they wanted wearing
what they wanted I probably would have gotten to where I am now a lot younger
and my life would have been so much easier. Yeah I think for me when she
started coming up with the idea to do like “Fat Girl Has Moxi” I was like, “Oh
well then I need a superhero name too!” So I was trying to come up with a name in the
middle of the Mexico City Airport at like 4:00 in the morning and I came up
with Queer Girl Straight Skates and I like really connected with that because I
think that there are so many things in this world that tell you that you have
to be a certain image online or you have to project yourself as being perfect and
my whole thing is that I want to be real online and I want to show that I mess up
all the time and I want to show that even the people that you think are so
good are just normal people and have just as many flaws and struggle with
body image issues and struggle with being who they are
and so if I can be as real as possible online that’s what I’m gonna do so
that’s where I come from. Yeah you guys have become a huge inspiration for a lot
of skaters and skaters to be out there so keep up the good work. How do you get out there the first time like because that is a hard question for
me to answer I get that a lot like how do I get the confidence to to go for the
first time and I’m like , “That’s a really deep question.” It depends on the person–I
don’t know. For me whenever someone ask me that question I just say, “Hey. You know
you’re afraid especially if you’re a bigger girl– like people look at you they’re
gonna look at you give them something to look at first of all might as well just
be yourself but they’re gonna look at you. Um, second I just say you know it
doesn’t matter if you fall or what happens it’s how you get back up.
I always tell people that. You’re gonna fall it’s not–my dad told me once
it’s not a matter of like if you fall it’s just when you fall. No matter what your
skill level is. Just like dust yourself off, get back up. So I say like make a
playlist of your favorite songs or just make you feel good put, ’em in and like
just get going and then that’ll make you happy and just block out the rest of
world–of course look around for cars please be safe. [Rebel] Cars are crazy!
They will attack you. Have happy music that makes you feel good. And you feel confident.
Put your best outfit on and just get going and just live your best life on
your skates and then it’s okay someone laughs just like laugh with
them and keep going, block ’em out. And I do think like, it’s really
important to find someone to skate with, so my first time going out on skates I was so terrified like, one:
people are like, “derby gir!l” or like “roller skates” or “rollerblades”– whatever, anyways–
so people are gonna yell at you no matter what and then when you’re out
there for your first time and you’re like I can barely walk, much less skate,
having someone next to you is really really helpful and I know that a lot of
people in the skating community like I will meet up with random skaters all the
time just to be like, “Hey! Wanna skate?” And so if you reach out to people online
like people are actually willing to skate with you and getting that group
together is so much more empowering because you have each others support, you
know? [Shove] Very true. [Pigeon] That skate community, it’s real. [Rebel] It’s so real. It’s so real. And I’ve
definitely like experienced that just from these past few months like as time
has gone by and people have been reaching out to me and reaching out to
her like we’ve made so many close friends and it’s been so like building
up to us and encouraging to us and so we want to pass that along and be
encouraging to other people. [Indy] Awesome. Can we debunk the myth that your size has anything to do with like athletic ability? [Shove] Balancing has nothing to do it, you
just find your center of gravity. I don’t think anything
has to do with your size if anything it’s your muscle and no matter if you’re
fat or skinny that doesn’t mean you have muscle. So I might be able to lift Pigeon
over my head right now, but I’m fat. As I have muscle underneath it’s more
about building up the muscles you need and doesn’t matter what size you are
you’re gonna have to build up those muscles so you don’t get encouraged when
you’re like, “Oh like I’m not strong enough.” It has nothing to do with your weight it’s just meaning you’re starting something
that is still kinda athletic in a way so you just have to work those muscles in
and it just takes time and practice and before you know it you’re great. Yeah, if you’re skinny or if you’re fat or if you’re medium-sized or if you have
enjoyable squish, or you have no enjoyable squish, like, you can still
skate! Like you can still get out there and try something new. It’s about
building a new skill. It has nothing to do with whether you’re fat or you’re
small or you’re large or you’re the size of a square like you can still do it. I
think it’s ridiculous that people say that you can’t do that because that’s
totally not true. Hashtag FatGirlsCan Roller derby is a great example of the
abilities of all body shapes and sizes So I’ve been in this sport for 11 years,
12 years, and I’ve seen every type of person play and it’s about your
perseverance and your dedication and commitment and that’s kind of how far
you’re gonna go. So if you’re making the effort to put on a pair of skates everysingle day even if it’s like I’m gonna skate to the kitchen because I don’t have any time. Making the effort is what really gets you to that point where you can skate way better
than you could before because you’re doing something every day. It’s about
repetition, it’s about falling it’s about being mortified of trying something
new and trying anyway. Do the Moxi 365 day challenge! Like,
get on your skates every day find a pack of people who will encourage you and
when you fall get you right back up and keep going and then post a picture of
your bruise on Instagram because it’s rad. [Shove] Yeah it’s mostly a mental thing
don’t have those mental blocks it’s like with anything you’re gonna think I can’t
do it like I used to skateboard when I was a kid and I used to rollerblade for
a little bit but I was inactive for so many years that like when I put skates
on and I was like outside of the shop and I was like, “Oh my God, what is this?”
But I never thought like, “Oh I can’t do this because of my size.” I was like, “I can’t do this because I’m afraid.” It’s like a lot of things we think we look for excuses and it’s
mostly that we’re just internally afraid like we can’t do it and just like
starting a new job or starting school or whatever it is same thing is let’s
skating it’s just something new that you haven’t done and don’t look for that
excuse just look for this is something I want to do and I’m gonna do it and it’s
gonna be hard but I’m gonna push through and I’m gonna make it happen. [Rebel] And I think
like vocalizing your fears is so important. So you have all these mental
blocks and you’re like, “I must be the only person struggling through these
things but if you say something about it then all these people are gonna be like,
“Yeah! I struggle with that too, this is so difficult for me.” And seeing people that
you look up to also talk about their mental blocks, that’s gonna be helpful too.
So just like vocalizing that and putting that out there–it’s like totally a
teacher thing–but if you say things that are…that you that scare you and that
worry you and that fear you you write it down and then you look at that and you
find the logical inconsistencies of it. And then you change it and you find a
mantra for yourself and you say, “I can skate outside and not fall,” or if I get
laughed at I’m gonna keep going and I’m gonna laugh at them!” Whatever. And like
reclaiming that fear is the most important thing. [Indy] Yes, oh my God! [Pigeon] Alright, so let’s say
you are a larger person and you want to start skating. What kind of gear is
appropriate? So, all types of gear are appropriate. Whatever’s gonna fit you the
best just like the size of the boot. The boots gotta fit appropriately, the knee
pads have to fit appropriately, the helmet has to fit appropriately. A lot of
people ask about the nylon plate on the Moxi Lolly. Is there a weight limit? This
or that– there actually is not a weight limit and nylon plates will will flex
and you might feel the flex but that’s not going to necessarily break the plate.
I’ve seen as a shop owner broken plates all the time most of them are from
smaller people I’ve actually never seen a plate break on someone large let alone
a nylon. It’s mostly the aluminum plates that break to tell you the truth. So
anyways, all gear that fits you appropriately is is perfect. Yeah we jump around like crazy on the nylon plates. Like we literally just run them reckless
all the time and neither of us have had nylon plate break. [Shove] Yeah I’ve never had an
issue with them I do get asked a lot like, “I’ve heard this.” And it’s always like,
“I’ve heard this, I’ve heard this.” I’m like you’re gonna hear so many things
everyone has something to say like, “You should put this on you should wear this.
Your body you need to experiment it and you don’t know. Especially if you’re new skater,
You want to put the heaviest plate you can put on there? No, start small
and then work up and try new things find someone that wears the same size as you
and then try what they have. It’s not necessarily like, “Oh I’m big it’s too
much way it’s gonna crack.” It’s like, no, if you’re like, “I’m at skateparks and I
want to grind I want to slam on things and this,” then yeah, maybe? I don’t know.
If you’re rough with them maybe but if you’re just like, “I’m a street skater
like ,I’m doing this,” like just try it out. Don’t have that fear and think you have
to spend so much money when you start out. [Rebel] Yeah like don’t play baseball with
your nylon plates and you’ll be fine. [Pigeon] Let’s talk about knee pads because…the knee pads in the skate industry are… were designed for men with straighter
legs. They have not really been updated very much, and a lot of times even
smaller women have a hard time finding something that fits the shape of the thunder
thighs and the muscular calves. So, let’s talk a little bit about our
favorite knee pads that fit larger sizes. Alright, so let’s talk about our
favorite pads. What kind of knee pads do wear? What do you prefer? [Shove] So I started with
Atom gear for derby and I had just an extra-large which I was like this
shouldn’t work but it actually fit it pretty well once I worked them in. But I
like that they were low profile–but it wasn’t really what I needed. So then I
had the 187 pads but I had to literally (not safe) I cut the bottom strap so they
could fit my giant calf and then they were flying everywhere else. But I had
that feeling like once I start scrimmaging in derby this probably
isn’t the safest thing to do. So I recently just got the Pro Derby 187
Pads and I’m in love with them because first of all like they go in the back
fine you can cut them to make them smaller because I just feel like I have
like a smaller knee but then I have a big calf and then I have like thunder thighs
and so it’s like this weird shape I need to be able to put different sizes
and I love it so far. I can still do my crossovers which I was worried because I
feel like just being bigger like I am like getting more around just trying to
do it But, so far I’m like I am in love with
these pads and like I feel like I finally found like the holy grail for me
anyway. But you really just have to try things on and find out what works best. [Rebel] Yeah, I actually started with a
Pro Derby Killer 187 Pads and it was really lame
because I went to the rink and I wore them the first time I bought Lollies. I
was like so worried. I bought Lollies and then I was like, “okay, I’m gonna go to the
rink for my birthday,” and so I wore my Pro Derby knee pads. I was the only one in
the rink I was such a loser. [Indy] Hey, nothin’ wrong with that! [Rebel] I was so nervous! That’s like a reality! Like I’m worried about breaking my knee!
And so I wore those pads and they worked really well for me because I like have–
they look like maybe they’re smaller but they’re not, like my legs are so awkward
shaped and so for me the butterfly strap that went behind was really helpful for
me because I tried the ones that you slip over and they would always fall
down and so I was putting gaskets on underneath the ones that slip over–
because I would get a larger size and then I would have to put them on top of
gaskets to make them fit right. But then when I got the Pro Derby ones with the
butterfly strap those are really helpful. And then I also use the Lux Armor–
the like low-profile, the soft kneepads. and those are great because
they’re stretchy, so like I think I got a size large and you got a size– [Shove] I got an extra-large and they fit perfect. [Rebel] and they fit–yeah they fit great they feel
like volleyball knee pads or something, and you just like put them on and you
can fall outside anywhere and be perfectly fine in them so they’re great.
And they stretch like with your leg. That being said the Lux knee pads are no
longer being produced but something similar to that– [Indy] We have a few people can
get I think. [Pigeon] We have a few left but after that like an equivalent would be like a
volleyball knee pad actually. So maybe try that. Maybe try a volleyball knee pad. Yeah, so the 187 Derby knee pad
is a newer model of the 187 Pro pad that is designed for a woman’s body.
They’ve made larger sizes including the 2x / 3x. [Shove] That’s what I just bought. Yeah! So all of these knee pads
are around $90 to $100 because they’re made for vert skating or
roller derby but if you’re a larger person and you need something
that fits you well you’re gonna probably want to invest a little bit more in the
kneepads so that they fit you appropriately. [Rebel] Wait, is fat a bad word?!
You’re not fat you’re beautiful. [Shove] I’m both. Thank you. [Shove] Alright, fat is not a bad word.
Just think about it as just being a word it’s a descriptor of what you are. I am a fat
girl, I am a beautiful girl, I am a skater. I’m many things: I’m fat. I’m black.
I’m proud. Don’t worry about a word that might cause harm. It may have caused you
harm once upon a time. Now I’ll take it as something back and reclaim it. It’s
just a word it’s okay. [Rebel] Yeah, we all have fat on our bodies.
Fat is one of the greatest parts about us, so enjoy it. Love it. [Pigeon] Yeah, fat does not…
fat does not equal ugly. You know unattractive.
I guess it’s the same thing. Slow, lazy…it doesn’t mean those things. Because there are people who are those
things that are not fat and there’s people who are fat who are active and
beautiful and… [Rebel] It’s just such a lie that
society has told us that fat is bad. And it’s not bad. [Pigeon] Wait a second. [Rebel] Yeah. [Indy] Alright. We’re good. [Pigeon] Thank you
so much for watching and thank you so much for talking with us guys. [Rebel and Shove] You’re welcome. [Pigeon] Forgot what we’re supposed to say. Thank you so much for watching this Planet Roller Skate episode! Thank you guys so much for coming and talking with us– [Rebel] Of course. [Pigeon] Be sure to like, subscribe, comment. Follow these girls on Instagram. If you need to
buy anything from helmet to toe stop, hit up PlanetRollerSkate.Shop. Until next time…Later Skaters!

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  2. A big point of anxiety for me picking up skates again was my weight. I was already ready to pick it up again after finding this channel, but even more so with this video! I have my first pair of skates in a long time headed my way now. : D

  3. Thank you, so much positivity in here. And good advice! I'm in my 40s, getting back into skating after 20 years. You're such an inspiration! Keep on keeping on 😀

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