A Secret to Perfect Grip | Golf with Aimee

A Secret to Perfect Grip | Golf with Aimee

hi guys it’s Amy in your golf swing I say the most important part is your grip so say you have a great swing with perfect swing plane but if you grip it wrong and your club moves around in your hands it gets crooked during a golf swing obviously your golf ball is going to go crooked as well right so today I’m going to show you a secret in how to grip a golf club properly so I’m right-handed so this is my left hand and this is my right hand in the left hand the most important finger is the pinky and in the right hand the most important fingers are the index and the thumb so you only really need the three fingers to grip the golf club so let’s start with the left hand I see a lot of amateurs grip it super hard with the left thumb this is wrong because if you have a lot of pressure in the left thumb it’s really hard to relax your wrists or the shoulder so when you miss it then you’re going to actually hurt your shoulder and the wrist so basically after around the golf if your shoulders hurting you might want to check your grip so if you don’t put pressure in your left thumb you may ask what are you supposed to hold it with so it’s the pinky and the ball of your left palm so you’re supposed to kind of press down at the top of the grip with the palm and wrap it around with your pinky nice and tight so if you put pressure in the palm and the pinky you’re able to relax your wrist so much better as opposed to pressing down on the thumb then you can’t really relax the wrist so you press down with the palm so you can see the two knuckles when you’re looking down you’ve heard that tip a lot right so it’s a little bit of a stronger grip to check if you did it correctly you’re going to take your thumb and the index off and you’re going to bounce the club up and down you’re going to feel the pressure in the pinky and the ball of your palm let’s say you grip it a little weak and your palm is not on top of the grip but to the side of the grip and you try to bounce it up and down it’s going to feel very heavy and you know if the grip feels heavy a club feels heavy in your hand you know you’re going to put that extra unnecessary pressure into your arm which is bad right so you understand you’re supposed to press down with the palm and a little bit strong with the angle like this in the left hand let’s move on to the right hand in the right hand the professionals grip these two the strongest but the amateurs these two the weakest the index and the thumb on the right-hand these two are the most important fingers out of ten fingers because they do so many things in the golf swing basically what they do is it supports the weight of the club at the top so you let you set the club and at impact it compresses the golf ball releases the toe and holds the club in the finish there’s a most important things in golf right go see a lot of amateurs say well I learn to kind of put the right hand on there and not put any pressure in it but really the correct way of saying it would be you have to grip the right two fingers super tight it relax the wrist and the shoulder so the right arm has to be relaxed not the grip so I’m going to show you how to grip it so I told you earlier that the left thumb is supposed to be slightly slanted as you point toward the right shoulder when you grip your right two fingers it’s supposed to make a V and the V is supposed to be pointing at your right shoulder as well so when you make the V like this and I tell a very good player to try and put pressure into the index and the thumb they have a very hard time doing it it’s not the easiest to control your fingers it actually sounds very easy but once you actually try it’s not going to be the easiest so I have two drills to make it easier for you so the first drill you’re going to grip the club kind of short choke down on it and grip it with the right hand only I don’t want you to hurt your right shoulder swing it with the one and only so try and make it as light as possible by gripping down on the grip so you’re going to make the same V and you’re going to do three things it’s going to be kind of different than a regular string basically you’re going to go super wide and you’re going to support the weight of the club at the top with your index and you’re going to swing through but be careful with your shoulder go a little slow and go swing through and you’re going to hold the finish Club parallel to the ground like this so basically I want you to go super wide in the back string because a lot of amateur put pressure in the shoulder and they end up kind of cocking it and then lifting it up like this once you lift up there is no way you can support the club remember how you’re supposed to kind of feel like you’re holding a plate at the top like this instead of lifting up so basically I want you to feel the weight of the club head and not use the right shoulder in the backswing when you support it’s really important you’re supposed to support it in the index so your thumb and the shoulder would be a little bit more relaxed than normal and your once the index feels the weight of the club head right there you’re going to swing through on the way down a lot of amateurs kind of lose their index in the thumb so in the finish you may lose the club like this and looking like so like that we don’t want to see that we want the V in the setup to maintain until the finish like this so instead of losing the club this way you’re going to reheat the wrist to finish this way see the friends so first couple times might be a little hard but after a couple times you’re going to realize how tight you have to hold it to maintain the same V throughout the whole entire swing alright so if you’re kind of used to it I’m going to show you the second drill I have prepared a bill right here the $2 bill is supposed to bring you luck right so you’re going I’m going to fold this in the three times so one to make it as small as possible right there and I’m gonna show you you’re going to put this in your right index so you grip our goal is to not lose the right index throughout the whole swing so you put it in your right index like so when you’re swinging obviously you’re going to naturally try and hold the index as tight as possible so you don’t lose the bill right so let me show you I’m going to hit one I’m gonna show you so index is on pretty tight with the bill in my index try and hit some like this that was actually pretty solid so if you are able to keep the bill in your index you’re going to feel like you’re hitting it way more square at impact you’re going to feel that pressure the compression in your index and the impact is going to sound more powerful so today I showed you how to grip the club using the three fingers it’s very important the left pinkie and the right index and the thumb so remember those three fingers try it out before we end the lesson I just want to give you a quick tip so you’re supposed to hold the grip bit nice and sturdy but you’re supposed to relax the wrists and the shoulders it’s a very subtle difference but it’s going to make a huge impact on your golf swing so remember the three fingers and I hope you can hit it more square and more solid I hope you were able to follow along if you liked the lesson please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll see you in the next lesson you

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  1. My right finger and thumb get quite sore after a few swings. Does that mean I'm gripping TOO tight, or I just need to strengthen my right hand? I'm naturally left handed but play golf right handed (thanks to tennis background). Cheers

  2. The idea of the weight in butt of club is good idea, not sure I ever hear instructor say hold tightly. But hey if it works then amazing. I also struggle in my game and it's usually grip pressure. I hold club too lite in the end. So I grip harder especially with my right hand ( I'm a lefty ) and typically in the butt area of the club. And boom I hit the ball perfect after that. So Aimee is right. Not sure if put as much emphasis on left hand but overall grip is tighter. Need to keep it from slipping around IMO

  3. Aimee, I've tried and tried to fix a problem with my right hand grip. When I take my backswing, the base of my right hand comes off the handle. I'd welcome your advice. Your videos are impressive, and I'm grateful you're doing them.

  4. This is probably the best golf advice I've ever applied to my swing. I took this thought to the golf course and knocked 9 Strokes off my game. Thanks Aimee 😊

  5. Oh, my God. I almost skip this video when she held up her hand and said" this is my left hand and this is my right hand".

  6. Professor Aimee Cho, here's another idea that's really helped me with Grip pressure: Imagine walking a small child across the street while hold their little hands. Light pressure. & to think that while I'm walking with my two grandchildren, my hand pressure is very light. I apply that same concept when I grip my club… I'm I correct? Plz advise. Respectfully submitted, Santiago Murillo, Esq.

  7. did she explain something about interlock grip or baseball grip etc…or this explanation is valid for all the ways to grip the club…

  8. This is a really good video, and a great and simple explanation which should help many to improve, and hopefully I'll be one of them. Thanks Aimee.

  9. I am really struggling because of indecisive grip pressure, thank you Aimee, this lesson will help me, no doubt.

  10. I've had two hole in ONE in one week .attested and documented AFTER following your tips. Have improved aim dramatically. Wow!

  11. Hi Aimee, I hope you are still doing the instruction videos. I have been following and they are the best I have seen and are helping my game a lot, thank you. Have you done a video on playing a draw? It is a shot I cannot seem to do well at all. Hope you do one. Regards, Daryl

  12. Oh my goodness… This was life changing advise. For years I've been shanking the ball cause I was taught that the "vee" should be pointed towards each shoulder and because of that my club face stayed open at the bottom of my swing but this grip keeps the face square!!! Amazing!

  13. really really nice video. to all the gents out there posting YT vids on golf grip – this is how you do a proper grip explanation.

  14. Great video and explanation on the perfect grip! You helped me to improve my score by 10 strokes a game! That was in 1 week!

  15. Must I always interlock the right pinky with the left index finger as I learned or can I change that up?

  16. Never seen the grip discussed in such a way. I've seen grip presentation discussing grip pressure, strong/weak/neutral grip, overlapping and interlocking grips but this is new. I actually use a 10 finger grip, probably from my baseball days, which mostly works fo me until it's rainy or very humid. Perhaps I'll revisit the grip in the near future trying your suggestions.

  17. Excellent video Amiee!! I am going to try it out at the range later for sure. Do you have a drill to keep my left wrist from breaking at impact?? I have been trying to fight that bad habit and I usually ended up with slowed down club head speed and sore left elbow after. Thanks

  18. Great information on the grip; I took it to the course and it has been very beneficial for me. I love your style of teaching, the presentation and instruction.

  19. This woman knows what she’s talking about. Yes, her instructions for gripping the club with the right hand is opposite of Hogan, but dang it, it works! I’m listening to what she has to say.

  20. I have been playing Golf for forty years now and have shot sub 70 (Net 53) only twice in my life. This grip is the best tip I have had in 40 years!! My drives go dead straight and I have never hit the ball as far as I am this week after five days of using the three fingers as suggested – it is totally brilliant so thank you. Just wish my chip shots were as good as my long game. I have got the yips! I have watched your videos on chipping v pitching but you never mention about the angle you take in the back swing from ball to the back swing – should it be straight or arced? Thank you Aimee.

  21. I am new to the game. Played baseball as a youngster. I found myself holding the club like i would a bat. I found many videos on the swing and rotation of the body. This one has helped me to understand how to hold my hands. I will be trying this out when i goto the driving range again. Thank you

  22. I listen to your lesson many times and now I fully understand and have my own feeling how important the grip is. Excellent introduction. Thank you Aimee so much. Pham Thanh Tung (Mr.) from Viet Nam

  23. Great video and instruction Aimee! A friend suggested your videos and I can't wait to start trying out your tips. Thank you!

  24. How do you explain Fred Couples right hand almost coming off the club after impact? He and Vjay look like they almost have no pressure in the right hand.

  25. Enjoy your videos, so can you explain how it is that Freddie Couples (one of the best swings in history) almost takes his right hand off the grip through impact?

  26. Excellent tips. It work for me a lot and I am improved so much in power and solid contract. Thanks so big

  27. Went to the range twice and couldnt stop slicing the ball. Was able to hit a straight tee shot on my 3rd trip after watching this video a couple of times. Great lesson !

  28. Som more tips…re-grip every year! Clean you grips afte revery round! Use leather gloves that is not too dirty of old!

  29. This was a great video!!!! This helped me and your instructions were spot on and easy to follow. Thank you!!!

  30. Is anyone freaking that she used a 2 dollar bill so she can determine the pressure in her hands?——- I’m getting old….

  31. Definitely will try holding the club with pinky and palm in the left hand and index and thumb in the right hand. I'm guilty of pressing down with my left thumb like I'm strangling the club. Will also try the folded dollar bill during practice.

  32. Amazing, no one has ever told me the 3 fingers grip. No wonder I have always had problems with contact & injuries on my fingers. You have made this so clear & I shall practice according to your instruction. Thank you.

  33. Thank you so much for simplifying it for me.

    Now I can actually feel what the ball is doing. Just need to upgrade to steel irons, losing too much in the vibration with graphite.

  34. I like that single right hand swing, it addresses shallowing the club that I have been hearing about. Can't
    wait to try it

  35. I would be curious to know what your observation is about short thumb vs long thumb. I have always gripped the club (left hand) short thumb.

  36. Most instructors say primary gripping fingers of right hand are middle and ring fingers. I’ve heard the thumb and index called the “swing wreckers”. Hogan would hit balls with the thumb and index fingers off the handle. Where did you get that information? Very interesting if it is a fact but it is the total opposite of what I’ve seen in past on researching the grip.

  37. Thanks Aimee, this instructional video and drills made such a huge difference to my ball striking and direction, i find gems in most of your lessons, you delivery and ideas a great, thank you so so much.

  38. Thank you, so much, for this video. Your tips completely correct my slice and my arm pain. I was using too much pressure with my left thumb and not enough with my right index finger and thumb. I made it through a round of golf today with only a couple of nasty slices (when I let up the pressure on my right index finger and thumb) and without any pain. I’m may be able to golf twice this week. 🙂

    I learn more from your videos than anyone else. You’re the best!

  39. I"ve noticed that my clubface keeps really square when I use this.

    It opened a lot of doors for me … life saving tip here. Thanks.

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