59 Seconds: Sigma 2 Adjustability

59 Seconds: Sigma 2 Adjustability

One of our top 3 performance elements on a putter is getting the length right. We know from research that 8 out of 10 players putt better with something other than our standard length. Our standard length is the single most popular length we have at 35″ but most golfers given the chance to self adjust to something that’s more comfortable for them actually improve their dispersion control and distance control and improve their putting stats. So our next generation adjustable length has a screw that actually goes inside the grip of the putter. You just insert the tool and screw to get
the putter to extend or shorten. And so actually every putter in our line we
can take from 32″ to 36″ by using this screw and then at the end you just take the tool
out and it’s ready to take on the course. And so what that means is every putter in
the store you can make it the length for you and we know that that will deliver performance

2 thoughts on “59 Seconds: Sigma 2 Adjustability

  1. If 8/10 people put better with a different length than your standard one, then why is that length what you decided to make standard?

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