5 Tips for Snowboarding in Trees – How to Snowboard

Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp.com In this video I’ve got five tips for you
for snowboarding in the trees. For me snowboarding in the
trees is a way to escape the groomed runs and terrain park and really explore different areas of
the mountain. The first tip I have is to always ride in the trees with a friend. Tree riding can be very isolated so riding with a friend will mean that
there’s someone there to help you if you crash or get stuck. The second tip is to keep your turns small. Small turns keep your speed consistent and allow you to maneuver through the
trees in control. Be focused on using your heel
and toe turns equally so you can really get a rhythm going. The
third tip is to use your knees in the trees. The terrain in the trees is uneven and
unpredictable, so keep your knees bent and use them to absorb the bumps and
keep your board in contact with the snow. The fourth tip is to plan your route
through the trees a few turns ahead. Planning a few turns
ahead will help you choose the best trees to turn between and also tell you if you need to speed
up or slow down. The fifth tip is to be familiar with the trees that you heading
into. it’s important to know where the trees
lead to, so you know how to get out and you don’t get lost. You also want to know the
snow conditions so you’ll know it will be worth riding in the trees
that day. Hopefully these tips will help you have good times riding in the trees. Give them a try and let me know how it goes.
Leave any questions have been the comment box and it would be awesome if you left me
any ideas for videos I should make in the future.

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