4A IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school volleyball championships is funded by.>>The Iowa farm bureau is proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa girls high school athletic union. When one rises we all rise to a better Iowa.>>Whether you live in rural Iowa or the big city, Iowa network services family of companies and your local row vieder are working together to keep you connected by offering technology and business solutions like internet, data networking and other business services. INS family of services keeping communities connected today, and tomorrow. Fareway, with MONDELEZ Nabisco, wells blue bunny and FRITO lay is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Iowa girls high school ports championships. We congratulate all of the schools and student athletes. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live.>>By MUSCO lighting, the sports lighting specialist, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>Mid American energy, dedicated to increasing awareness of energy efficiency in Iowa homes and businesses. Information at mid American energy.com. Obsessively at your service.>>Welcome back to cedar rapids. Iowa farm bureau presents of Iowa girls high school volleyball championships Now, we move to the 4 A match up where HARLan takes on west Delaware A team that has been to the tournament three years. Welcome back to our broadcast. Sandy, 4 A is a big show down.>>It’s been a great tournament and goes to be a great finals match today.>>Let’s take a look at one of the key performers for west Delaware. A senior, what does she do? >>She is a strong leader, covering the court well, helps them set up their best offense.>>One of the leaders of the team, then, just a team leader as a senior, looking for the school’s state team title. Then, for HARLan, arguably one of the best players in the state, Jess SCHABEN.>>She’ll to have a great moment today.>>Just moments from the starting line ups in the opening serve as HARLan and west Delaware. Fans are not really dressed for the winter weather but they’re here getting warm and cozy in the student section trying to do their part to cheer on their respective schools. Then, HARLan, wow. Angie SPANGenberg has been head coach 22 years, closing in on 600 career victories and west Delaware led by Brett mather. He has been coaching 29 years, 623 victories. Let’s go to the starting line up.>>Welcome to us us cellular center and 2014 Iowa girls high school state volleyball tournament this, is the class 4 A championship match. Now, let’s meet the teams. From the visitors, HARLan cyclones. Number three, Jordan mowser. Four, Brenda Hopkins, five, Morgan perkins. Number six, Megan UECHNER, number seven, Claire Klein. Nine, Maggie Mcgrath. 14, Emma AHRENHOLTZ and Julia SORFONDEN. Assistant coaches Chad swanson, and Tricia SPANGenberg. Now, starting line up for your HARLan cyclones. Number eight, Kenzie Swanson. Number ten, Jess SCHABEN. Number 11, ELLE KLOEWER, Jessica DUVAL, Taylor Wagner, Taylor Frederick, and number one, Asia KLOEWER. Head coach, Angie SPANGenberg.>>And now for the west Delaware hawks. Two, jade PUTZ, Mariah KLEITSCH, indicate Lynn RETH, Taylor ZIESER, Cassy ELLERS, Erin GOEBEL and Hailey LYNESS. Assistant coach, SHEA PUTZ. Now, the starting line up for your west Delaware hawks. Carlee KECHUM. Six, bridgit Hoffman. Eight, Hailey MORRISON and head coach, Brett mather. Ladies and gentlemen, officials for the contest, first referee, Jenny MALSAM. Line judge, Jim Pettitte. Line judge, Jan Duffy. It’s time for volleyball! >>There is a look at starters The record they have coming into this match up is 40 victories, two losses They won state title last year. They won this state basketball championship as well. So a very experienced team.>>They’ve been here a couple times.>>Stage is set. We’ve handed out one trophy. It’s a long, fun day of volleyball here from cedar rapids, Iowa. Just keep it on Iowa public television all day long. We’ll be here handing out hardware. So west Delaware taking on HARLan.>>Amazing.>>Two great teams and a great crowd following their team, cheering them on. And they’re about ready to start this final.>>Again, west Delaware started with 31 straight victories.>>Pretty amazing They didn’t lose until later in the year. That is their only blemish on the record. And here we go.>>Both teams have been climbed and red for this one. Going to the middle, getting the kill.>>Fantastic.>>They’ve got five hitter was over a hundred kills.>>Getting on the board first, HARLan. There is a a quick lead >>A couple steps to Taylor Frederick, our number two hitter probably going to see this here on this attack to get that ball back.>>There is a sophomore serving it up. And west Delaware looking good out of the gates of 3-0.>>They’re serving tough. So great tough server coming in here for west Delaware.>>West Delaware, look out. West Delaware work their tails off to get to this position Let’s take a look at the replay here.>>Fantastic between the block. They do run a fast offense.>>HARLan, defending champion, looking to get on the board. 5-0, west Delaware. And HARLan before they score a point here. Shell shock.>>Like west Delaware very focused They had a five-game match win against Marion. And this is coming back then losing. And here, you can see the HARLan faithful.>>Here is the road to this state championship match. HARLan at the top of the screen. Sweeping everybody. Doing what they’ve done all season long. To Marion’s credit, rallied for being down. It’s tough to be the number one ranked team defending champion all year long. That is a mistake.>>A little malfunction over there. Hopefully, they’ll get buzzers figured out They’re just showing the team they are this year. It’s why they’re in the finals.>>So top serving and balanced plays. They’re down, but not out of this. Keeping the foot on the pedal.>>Amazing plays at the net. They have passed the ball to get into offense.>>The sophomore a defensive specialist. She’s been one of the players in the match going. Attack on the outside. Good back row defense keeping it alive that is MORRIson.>>There is a tip over the net. West Delaware on the heft. Nice, long rally.>>There is great energy. Let it go. The right decision.>>HARLan calling for a touch. Officials don’t see a touch. This is quite a show for west Delaware to come out and — >>No. So good miss.>>It’s tough when in that back row.>>Look at that. Set her into transition.>>This is just amazing. West Delaware coming to play.>>HARLan with a second time out.>>Look at that replay here, again. It’s too hot to handle for the player that broke out of bounds. There is a mission to make changes Aright We need to get the ball down We’ve got to swing. Don’t give up. Play every point. Ready? Go. Sounds like we’re in a mental time out to catch your breath. Get confidence back. No doubt they can push back.>>And volleyball is a sport of momentum right now, no doubt. West Delaware has momentum. A couple plays here, there, and HARLan can get that to swing back to their side.>>SCHABEN one of the top players in the state. West Delaware doesn’t let them go on a run.>>That is one of the goals of the coach to really use 20 feet in the net. And that is out of bounds.>>HARLan just out of sync right now. They is still on an outside line.>>Numbers coming into the tournament nearly 500 kills and a 494 attack percentage.>>Amazing.>>That ball pushed to the back. Smart player up there to set her attack. She’s going to be tough to handle there for HARLan.>>There we go.>>Middle blocker Jeff SCAEBEN.>>Beautiful and cut back shot.>>That is a quick set with timing.>>Here on first two points here in this team. And another point with a 3-0 run. They have a mountain to climb to get into this. And this gives them four points so far.>>There is a slip on that one.>>System to the outside.>>She’s going to put it down.>>And >>That is a smart play off the block of HARLan and it counts a point.>>Great play.>>The teams have been 1 and 2 almost all year long. Leading against HARLan. There is a celebration going to Iowa state next year.>>They’re getting a good one. And they’re going to like having her next year.>>Yes.>>That is a change of brand.>>Yes.>>So 13-6. Attack on the outside block. There is Delaware out of bounds.>>Just outside of the lines.>>Joining me is Eric brailly. And right now this is a 4-5 match up. Can you see the score in 60 blocks. It’s amazing.>>She can play all around.>>That is a cover on the tip there.>>And you have to know why Jess SCHABEN is at.>>Right.>>She can take that attack from the back row.>>Does sail out of bounds. Side out for west Delaware looking for >>HARLan down by seven now. So there is a into this back row.>>That is amazing and this is what they’re known for.>>He said we’re going to try to throw things maybe HARLan hasn’t seen all season long. HARLan liened on SCAHBEN as a go to player >>Great block. Coverage is there. And if you’re in doubt you have to play that ball.>>Double digit lead. And you’ve got to like aggressive serving.>>Yes. Sometimes you’re going to miss now and then.>>There is a dividend. That is Taylor Frederick, a junior. Second best on the season.>>So another tall player is going to carry as long as she’s in the background >>See what happened there. And look at that perfect pass.>>Trying to get her hand underneath it. Use any part of the body off the court.>>She missed that one playing tough.>>Looking to add to their lead. Up by nine. And returned for a kill.>>She’s doing better now. And that is her second kill of the first set. Second third for HARLan.>>One of the leaders in serving.>>That is down.>>That is going to go deeper. They’ve got to play better defense.>>Two and a half plays per set.>>Yes.>>And there is KECHUM trying to push it back over the net. That is number 12.>>They’re trying to mix it up out there. Now we’ve got her again to see some points.>>Another point.>>That is tough.>>You’re behind.>>Sure.>>Giving a point away.>>This is the ninth state trip of the U.S. cellular center. Third straight. They return almost every player off last year’s state tournament team. They’re a year older. And more mature. They’ve been working for this moment.>>They’ve got five hitters here. Amazing. This with trip lets on the side of HARLan. There she is.>>With her sixth kill. Saying she’s going to get her kills But we’re going to need to find a way to get some other points and so far it’s been hard to get the ball to SCABEN.>>This offense has taken west HARLan off the kill here.>>Defense just doesn’t have time to set up. Nice jump serve. Most players are serve serving.>>Yes.>>Not always setting. Door is open. Opportunity for HARLan.>>With a little bit of an off chance, she gets that ball up there, quick. And Hoffman, 24-15, west Delaware. This is last year’s state champion, HARLan. They’re not going to go quietly here. A seventh kill.>>Now, she’s in the back we’ll see if they can start out in the middle so she can play out there.>>HARLan has it on the slide. First set. A double spin.>>25, 16. Well, right out of the gate.>>Fast offense. And gets bearings. And so >>We talked with Charlie KECHUM.>>Defensivible here Getting past first round and semi finals is just amazing. And we just played like a team. That is >>She leads the tournament now. Carlee feels like her team is on a mission. They’re here to win.>>Here, we spoke with Jess SCHABEN after yesterday’s victory.>>There is a game before so we’re just going with the flow. Doing WHAEK in the moment. But this year, we know how it feels and what it takes and what level we have to play.>>They’re not out of the thing one bit.>>You know they’ve been pushed a little bit here today. We’ll see if they have it against to come back the day before they know how to win. And came out with her on the floor. I’m sure they’ll get offense going. Just carry them back here to a stronger showing.>>There are many highlights in the first set. Here are some of them. Again, four A championship. Hill blocked took a while But HARLan with big plays of their own. That is why we’re expecting them to come out strong in a second set.>>There is a big upswing. West Delaware in a lot of quick offense. And defensive plays and this is good. And the keys to the match for this showdown.>>I think for west Delaware what we saw yesterday, a big lead and ended up losing that set. Big game for SCHABEN. HARLan wearing red and black. West Delaware is how they started the first set.>>We talked about SCABEN being pretty tired.>>Set went outside. And a quick win. In the back row. Quick transition. He she’s getting the ball.>>First point comes with power. You can tell >>Hitting nearly 24. But west Delaware has a weapon.>>They’re losing track up there. She says you know just can’t fire defense, stand there and watch. They pick up that ball.>>West Delaware they have dealt with some adversity to say the least this year. Brooks still playing. With media.>>>>>This is the one. West Delaware won that first set. Pretty easily.>>They got LAVERO doing a phenomenal job.>>Another point. With a hop from west Delaware.>>Carlee is just around the money for those centers.>>She’s only a junior. Now it’s time for HARLan. A senior and one of trip lets. She’s got a sister and brother. West Delaware coach talking to the officials.>>Going to get a clarification. So maybe psychological will be paying attention out there.>>They are. That is a good point. Officials you’re seeing all day today. Nice block there. They’ve worked hard and got rated by the coaches. And this is the best official.>>Another junior from west Delaware, a slight attack. Again following the strategy of coach moving the ball around across the left, middle and right side of the court.>>There is a little hard to block. She’s going to a line with more leverage. Like a basketball lay up. Kind of a nice play that gives you a lot of options as our offensive players are difficult to block. That is the first hit. That will happen.>>Top official they’re watching. Balls are multi colored. Tough sit from side line to side line.>>It’s critical to be that far back. So spread that out to spread blockers out. So impressed.>>KECHUM gets kills on the set.>>They’re having a hard time handling it.>>Another serve is eight.>>That is part of the strategy.>>Watching that final after that match. And serving carried them. It’s incredible to see the different serves yesterday.>>Yes. So there is top serves and a lot of it depends on your serving target.>>Again, 10-4. From HARLan.>>A set or match. And you can see a long valley.>>It’s a key thing. She leads the team in blocks. They’re serving. Ninth attack. It was in bounds. She’s going to keep watch in there. There is a nice cut shot inside of the block.>>There are options.>>Exactly. A smart hitter can use a lot of shot options. Sure.>>So a lot of communication.>>Good hang by HARLan. Attack sails deep, out of bounds. So hitters are looking to see because defense can’t cover every square inch.>>Exactly.>>You can see she’s having a nice match. She’s a chance to serve to help the team. They’re down 12-8 with west Delaware.>>There is better blocking.>>Look at. This, you have four hands there.>>13 to 8, west Delaware they’ve been to a state tournament three years. This is their ninth total appearance.>>So coming down here, got a lot to play for here. So a lot of times, you drive your best player.>>Players were on the state basketball team. So no stranger to competition at this level.>>So what do you love about these athletes? Why does that make them better? >>Just competing, this idea of the Iowa girls I love the idea of Iowa girls providing many opportunities for young girls. If you have daughters or granddaughters get them into sports.>>The evolution of the Iowa girl and athletic union is just on fire.>>Great he effort and you can see the energy. They want this bad.>>If west Delaware with hold this push.>>They’re in the middle of it now.>>See what they do with it here.>>That time, the slide. Sometimes, a switch set.>>A free ball they’re able to run a little bit better off.>>Another point for HARLan.>>Some POENTS from west Delaware.>>There it is.>>That is one of — >>Let’s see what they’re talking about. Right side. Okay? All right. Are we ready? Does anyone need water? Go get water.>>Okay.>>They’ve been blocking from hitters and going into SCHABEN. You call it camp fire he fence. Go get that ball. And that is about camp fire defense.>>You heard the game plan. SCHABen with 12 kills. There is another one.>>They’re having a hard time and not able to get the ball to hitters so it’s been a rough go.>>There is another tough pass and free ball.>>They have a lead now. She steps out. So rallying back.>>Only captains can go talk to officials.>>I think you can keep one foot on the playing cord You can’t see, but there is a cutoff where media on the far side of the court.>>That is a violation.>>Number one for HARLan.>>Trouble passing that ball.>>Reaches high, into the air over there.>>When it’s not perfect, it’s perfect.>>That is go, go, gadget arms, reaches up and tips it over. Great vision.>>There is that 6 or 7 point run.>>Six unanswered points right back into this thing. If they win, they’ll play two out of three.>>Exactly.>>Love this game.>>A tip. HARLan they’re not going to let west Delaware go on a run, here.>>You’re seeing it for a point.>>Flat footed serve over the net. Return. Near the bench.>>You can see in system.>>That is slow and they’re feeling it.>>There is a quick attack.>>Five kills for Frederick.>>She’s fired up.>>15.>>For SCHABEN.>>On the quick pass there R with a net violation. Unfortunately.>>Second and final time out. We’re headed down the home stretch here. Relax here. Relax here. We’ve started worrying too much instead of playing and enjoying the game. Relax. Our feet have got to move. It’s simple. Don’t worry about it. Okay? Move on. Okay? There go out there.>>We’re talking about keys to the game, when they’re on, they’re on.>>Look at that time out. Everything has a pass to set. Execution.>>She’s just putting the pass on the money.>>You’ll be able to hear. We have coaches MICed up. Here is another great play.>>Very aggressive blocker.>>So HARLan closing in by three.>>That is all SEK do up there. Some long rallies today. Expect more.>>They’re moving the ball around.>>They’re going to reach over.>>Good call. Good call. Good call over the net.>>Yes. Perfect.>>So you can see what official was seeing.>>Yes.>>That is over the middle. Get back over it. Are we ready? Anything? A point ready? Here we go. Good job.>>If you’re looking to serve her, we’ll see if they can keep it going.>>West Delaware.>>They’re making her work.>>Cyclones >>Tough angle to hit from. Seems like the coach gets rewarded with the point.>>Exactly.>>The block was there The block was there.>>Frederick making a statement up there at the net. Higher set with time to get there. No coverage deep in the court You’ll see a beautiful block.>>Trying to even out the series here.>>Back player and just a little too long >>Here is looks like it’s going to go out We’re looking at even match here.>>Five unanswered points. They had a 6-0 run early on. Lifting it up there.>>Out of bounds. We’re dead even.>>We’ve got two out of three now. So see who shows up.>>This could go five A lot on the line for the match. Now, Iowa public television blinging highlights from last weekend’s girls swimming and diving championships My good friend has more. Time for swimming and diving championships 200 free style features aLisa fluent.>>What is the record hike? >>Probably the best feeling in the world so say I can get another record.>>ALisa was not done. She had one more race. And this is the longest of the day. 500 free style. There might be hazards in the job. She wasn’t the only one with a double win day. Looking to claim goals. This is a 53 style. Fast for the senior writing her name with a time of 22-51. Great jump and start. Breaking a 4-year-old record by a second to win. I’m happy witness.>>Any idea how you got to this point? >>Hard work. I trained a lot this winter and summer. And I wanted it.>>Thank you for the recap. And second set is fun as well. What did you see different? >>It was more to offense. You know, they have a quick tempo so just did our best to see what was on the net.>>The third set? What in this one? >>Thank you.>>So two sets.>>Yes.>>That made a difference to get off to a better start.>>Good coaches make adjustments and HARLan did that. Resulting in a victory.>>Two out of three to serve so high, so strong. A turn of momentum to redeem that in game three.>>They do have this Hawaiian LUAU.>>It’s fun to see the themes.>>I love it.>>This HARLan is not that close. Just maybe an hour and a half west of Des Moines so they had a nice trip over. Manchester about an hour north of cedar rapids so they’ve got a great support here as well.>>Interesting. As west Delaware won semi finals yesterday They went home, decided to sleep in their beds. They had practice this morning.>>Talked through strategy in their own gym. So that is an advantage of not being three and a half hours away.>>Yes.>>That is not what coach wanted to start with a weak serve. So in all, three sets. It’s the game of runs. Game of momentum. Right now, west Delaware trying to get that back. Coaching, you can get in there get momentum going.>>Good time block. It’s a 3-0 lead.>>Kind of a break that went over. Going to come out of the center.>>Another high-reaching attack results in a kill.>>A little bit out of timing but still has strength.>>Senior Kenzie swanson with 930 assists heading into the tournament.>>That would be fun to be able to set up a player like SCHABEN. And too much on the follow through.>>Fourth straight trip to HARLan. Third straight for west Delaware. 1, 2, almost all year long.>>It’s one thing to be in position but to reach up, make sure hands are together there.>>That is true. Up there with wingman up there, blocking.>>That one will fall inbounds.>>Nice pass. HARLan was there.>>Quick set. A push. Sometimes it’s platement more than power. This game is different. A competitive game.>>HARLan made quick work of everyone they’ve faced so far. They defeated . But they dropped that first set 25-16.>>First step lost in the tournament. We’ve got a map that shows the competitiveness of both teams.>>That would be incredibly tough to do. Frederick back in the front row as well. Great set. Perfect set to put it down.>>This. 19 kills.>>So how many serves are there >>3 or 4, you’ve got a jump top spin, standing top spin. A floater is probably hardest one. It depends on the situation. You’re going to try to pick the open spot there.>>Where you serve is tough as well.>>Yes.>>Perfect pass up there. Sandy Stewart Iowa coach.>>Players are sweating. They go to the floor before it gets wet. They’ve got a nice clean plan.>>Straight on the court. Looks great. You can see a lot of players on the team. They stay fresh.>>So hard you’re guarding that back road. It grabs that service line.>>It can float down, explode out.>>West Delaware. 45-2 on the year. HARLan is 40 and 2 on the season. Great assist to hit on the right side of the court. Leadership for west Delaware. It’s been probably they’re go to play.>>FERGS to double digits here in set three is west Delaware.>>Nine kills for HARLan Frederick. Nine aday from.>>Great decision on the setter. Smart heads up play in there.>>Have to go down to keep the court alive. Let it go. Smart decision. Blast away wasn’t able to catch the play on that.>>That is tough.>>Didn’t let her.>>West Delaware began the year, 31 victories. Both to five A teams. Coach 22 years as a head coach. 566 wins.>>Right.>>140 coming at HARLan in four years. Two point lead.>>That is so hard for HARLan’s defense. When you can set 25, 30 feet she’s pushed that ball outside. Started with a perfect pass by THOLE.>>LOBERRO serves it up. Now, the overpass Number 22 kills >>Gets better angle was the slide. Yes. Very impressive. Hard to stop that player.>>Work with colleges. I didn’t say that. I coach a little bit.>>That attention goes to players getting big kills. When you can get amazing ups in the back row, look at this rally.>>You’ve got a rally. You can see reaction from HARLan. Back row flavors.>>Going to be more aggressive to go for that ball.>>Locked on the outside. Think if they would have let it go, it would have fallen out of bounds. The play moves forward. So important in this championship.>>You’re going to have a big advantage going in. Both players, both teams using the slide on the right side attack very effectively.>>Yes. Had to wait. A lot of scrambling.>>Delaware. Again trails by two. HARLan looks like a different team. They knew they needed to make changes.>>Just a smart play to drop it where they were. A smart return there.>>Coaching going on.>>We’ll see if west Delaware can get momentum back here.>>Cut that ball perfectly.>>You’ll see more net violations now because of the slide out of tempo. So if you’re just joining us, this is the Iowa high school volleyball championship. Five AVMENT champion ANKLEN swept centennial. And that is HARLan taking set 2, 25-18 in class 3 A. That match starts at 2:30. Here is the replay.>>Good outside attack again. She’s been doing damage up there in the front row.>>17-15, HARLan on top. Nice effort.>>The power in a back row attack.>>Stretches it down like Willis with a great back throw attacker.>>SCHABEN and RALal will be calling that match up mount Vernon. And Hartford in western Christian. Holy trinity. Really right to the end here in this third set here.>>The point here there is a top serving here.>>HARLan a little tip.>>You’ll see the spot open behind the block. Defense wasn’t able to get there.>>A step back a little bit on their heels there. So it’s 19-17 and how in the world do you dig that block wasn’t there? Wide open, clean shot.>>They’re going to front row and back row. A great attack by SCABEN. Here, face the middle, okay? Facing this side. Just three, HARLans their school>>A little bit of an advantage here.>>There is west Delaware.>>They’re ready to appear on the team to get back into the match those are my colors.>>Sandy Stewart, with the call here. Out of the time out it’s going to be a point for HARLan. Inching closer and closer to that 25 point mark. And trying to do it behind the service line. Here is Taylor Wagner.>>One of the keys is a strong outside attack.>>And Allen tacked there. There is that consistency coming in for west Delaware. Tip to the back corner.>>Really close.>>Any part of the ball. White line is considered in.>>The serving join, zone six in the middle back in the court she hit it. Trying to pick on different parts of the defenses.>>Exactly what you’re — >>U.S. cellular center is a great venue for a lot of activities.>>Well, 11 TIL for number 15. And let’s talk STRAJ JI.>>Going over the top for block. Get our block up early on those. Okay? Keep reading okay? Right here, come on, ladies.>>Handy explained reading that back row. How are they supposed to be able to read? How does that indicate what they can do? >>Good defensive players are going to watch the position of the ball and attackers and watch the shoulders to see if it’s going to be down the line and defensive players are trying to read the hitters intent to hit the ball by body position.>>Now it’s a point.>>So I think it was just an overswing on the hitter and a net violation.>>If HARLan has all the credit in the world, west Delaware gets the point.>>Very unusual to come back at this point. They’re back with their top server here to serve.>>HARLan needs just one more. Here is a quick set all day long from HARLan. As they celebrate.>>You’ve got to make them work to pass that ball. And we’ll be back with more right after this from U.S. cellular center in downtown cedar rapids.>>Hopefully pass the ball better. And struggled to do that. Game one, quick pass, and set they took care of HARLan with no problems. We talked about the keys to the game in west Delaware.>>Both teams played tough schedules It’s going to be now determined with everything on the line. Can west Delaware find a way to win? >>Seniors trying to make a great statement. So a lot to play for on both sides of the ball.>>Keys for HARLan. I think 633 sets works for that and aggressive servings.>>Yes.>>And when running a quick offense passing is going to have a great variety of attackers they’ve got.>>I think serves they’re stopping. And so this is it >>HARLan is looking loose right now. They, after they played they went back to the hotel for the first time in this match up, HARLan gets the first point.>>Did they go back to their hotel? >>Your friends on and off the court, friendships last lifetime.>>They’re excited talking about the friendship. Saying we’re just like family, best friends out there.>>Yes. Great to see it. Earlier I have a daughter, granddaughter and niece. Just involved in sports. It’s great to learn to play together. Teamwork. And overcoming adversity.>>Sure.>>Just a great life skill activity to get any person involved in with sports.>>Makes you a well rounded individual 3-0, HARLan got a turn of events here. HARLan wins. If west Delaware wins we go to fifth animal final set. They want a state basketball title this year. And I tell you what, it’s not easy to be a defending champion.>>You only get two time outs. West Delaware behind this one. Let’s go and see what HARLan is saying in their huddle. Just let it go out there. Just keep playing.>>There is a left front rotation. That made the key for them.>>They close out, 45 seconds but just trying to collect yourself and talk strategy. Again road to state has not been easy but a long season. And it’s all on the line.>>They’re both two larger school teams getting here from west Delaware.>>You make a substitution.>>An individual performance, you know? Take down someone to make a play. Senior leader, someone going to do something to kind of spark the return.>>There is the first point so they’ve dug a little witness of a hole here.>>Again, perfect set. Did a great job there.>>One of the elite players on the state. Not every state is perfect. But she’s able to use hers.>>No matter if it’s off she’ll work with it and find a spot there.>>Nice quick set. Trying to catch HARLan.>>Yes. They’ve been early in the match. Cut back sing for the kill. West Delaware on the right side of the screen. HARLan on the left side. Down by eight, interesting looking at the course. What Delaware won but it’s been lopsided with HARLan winning. Here is what west Delaware has to say in their huddle. Defensively, rather prove a block. You guys you have to. Just read that block short. Last time out we’ve got here. Go out there, play with heart.>>Play with heart. Go all out.>>I think with triple block there is a different he fencive team out there.>>You’ve got to try to slow down SCHABEN.>>30 kills.>>She’s one of a trip let. Set of trip lets.>>Wingman on the outside >>Coming through strong >>Yes.>>Several key for the kill. She’s been there and does the same thing.>>Trailing by seven. Winner of the state champion.>>That is some miscommunication.>>Here in the back a lot of this timing on that one.>>How important is communication? >>If the team is quiet you’re not going to win. Communication is critical.>>Being a true teammate. Helping out, let it go where you’re at.>>Exactly.>>Where your blocker is. Hitters are. If you can’t see it, your other teammates are watching for you. Great dig there. Trying to get a kill. The point to HARLan.>>A little too much on it. So we’ll be a tough road back.>>That one will be there for you. Mount Vernon deFENed red oak.>>It will be a great match.>>It will. They’re a half hour away.>>Close to cedar rapids. Too.>>That will be coming up.>>West Delaware trails.>>Great defensive launch up there. Perfect. They’ve got to get the ball to the outside to make a difference.>>Nice press over the net.>>Do you think they heard me? You know what you’re talking about.>>>There is two sisters.>>Doesn’t have a lot of action. That is just her second kill today.>>We have a rule of opportunity. To the nice one there.>>That is what live is about. West Delaware trying to force number five.>>They’re flooding that defensive player.>>Fourth straight big tournament appearance for HARLan. Third straight for west Delaware.>>West Delaware has several 3, 4 multi court athletes A couple players looking to go play at college levels.>>HARLan back row let it go.>>You see the slow motion? Yes. Yes.>>Good call.>>Perfect pass.>>Beautiful inside of the block.>>Wingman on the year. 239 kills.>>Catches with a clip to the outside, hard to defend.>>So that is an easy one.>>Oh, no.>>Well, at every point they’re reaching closer to the 25 point mark.>>There is the attack. So impressive able to cut it down to the net. 31 kills.>>Maybe trying to slow down momentum. So, not a lot of options to change things up here.>>West Delaware knew if this is not going to be easy Defending champion. One of the best players in the state. But they’re trying to throw something at HARLan they haven’t seen with that tempo.>>Right. Again, a hit of a hitting error there The ball blocks touches so big mountains to climb for west Delaware here.>>The girls matured. That is a big accomplishment there. HARLan blocks it out of bounds. West Delaware with a point.>>HARLan is in control in this set.>>In volleyball in the past 12 months, they’ve won two state championships and if they hold on for a win here, it will be three titles in one year.>>Yes. Impressive. Very impressive.>>They weren’t ready for that.>>West Delaware.>>They cover that had second ball. They’re ready for it.>>Out of bound touch. Now, trailing 20-9.>>Nice play there to use the block.>>One thing to block it Then, guide where it’s deflected.>>We talked about composure.>>Starting to unravel. Almost another service date. HARLan. Looking like one of the best teams. I think this team could.>>Yes. They’ve taken west Delaware out of the game. That one is set.>>That is when they’ve done their best.>>At the conclusion we’ll have the all tournament team. Runner up presentation and a championship trophy presentation. And then we’ll have the 3 A match up.>>Here we go.>>So it’s match point. Here is the serve attempt. HARLan is your class 4 A championship.>>Fantastic. Made a huge adjustment after getting out and set one >>Showing their appreciation There, you can see winning it for coming back after getting blown out. It it was HARLan.>>You think about pressure to repeat >>You can say you’re a state champion when you’re a senior. That pressure and emotion is shown there on their faces.>>Here is a look at the tournament team.>>Presenting 4 A awards are the members of the girl’s athletic union board of directors Greg Thomas, Roger Francis, 2014 4 A all tournament team. Kenzie swanson. From west Delaware, Emily THOLE. Natalie BRIMYER. From Marion, Isabella said. From HARLan, Taylor Frederick. From west Delaware Carlee KECHUM. And from HARLan, Jess SCHABEN.>>That is a look at the class 4 A.all tournament team. West Delaware represented by Emily THOLE and Carlee KECHUM. Here is a look at the trophy presentation. Ladies and gentlemen, west Delaware hawks and coach Brett mather. Now, HARLan cyclones and Angie spanGENBERG.>>Back to back state championships for HARLan. And there is a look at your 2014 4 A champions. It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.>>Right.>>After making adjustments look at the all tournament team. So west Delaware not enough to overcome the attack.>>West Delaware can hold at five. And HARLan back to back champions We’re just getting started here. Two trophies have been handed out. Three more to go. We’ll move to 3 A followed by 2 A and 1 A. It’s a fun filled day only here on Iowa public television.>>I with a farm bureau believes in Iowa’s youth, that is why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa girls high school athletic union. When one rises we all rise to a better Iowa.>>Whether you live in rural Ira or big city, the family of companies and your local provider are working together to keep you connected by offering technology and business solutions like internet, data networking, and other business services. The INS family of companies, keeping communities connected Today, and tomorrow. Fairway, along with MONDELEZ Nabisco, wells blue bunny and FRITO lay is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls high school sports championships. We congratulate the students participating in the state volleyball championships. Fairway.>>Iowa state television. Proud to care for the places we work and live. By musko lighting, the sports lighting specialist. Providing lighting systems for you and your project and your community. Mid American energy. Mid American energy and their energy advantage programs are dedicated to increasing the awareness of energy efficiency in Iowa homes and businesses. Information at mid American energy.com.

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