3 Secrets To Improve How You Grip Your Golf Club

3 Secrets To Improve How You Grip Your Golf Club

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to share with you 3 secrets
that will definately help improve the way you grip the golf club. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So. What are these 3 secrets that are going to
help improve the way that you grip your golf club. Well the first thing is. Golf grips are different to most other sporting
implements. If we think about tennis racquets, cricket
bats. They are very different. The golf grip is actually thicker at the top
here and it is thinner at the bottom here. Now the reason it is different is it is designed
to be gripped in a different part of your hand. So up in the top part here where it’s thicker. We actually grip it more in the palm of the
hand. Down here we actually grip across the middle
joint of our fingers. A lot of people feel a lot more comfortable
being in what I call the palm of the hand. But it is really designed to be gripped in
those middle 2 joints in the finger. Once we do that we can then get the club in
the correct part of our hand. And that gives us freedom of movement. We can then allow our hands to totally control
our clubface. Unfortunately, as my old golf coach Alex Mercer
said to me when I was younger “Son if it feels strong it is wrong”. So this grip here that I am using now which
is quite a strong grip. Strong meaning that my right hand is turned
under the club. I am in the callouses of my right hand. That feels very strong. It feels powerful but it actually doesn’t
work. Because if I grip the club and I let my hands
do the correct movement. I get back to impact and the clubface is closed
and I am going to hit the ball a long way left. So then my brain self adjusts on the next
one and I come back with my hands in front of the club, trying to square the club and
I over do it and I hit the ball a long way right. So we need a neutral grip. So getting the grip in the fingers of the
right hand is very important. Then that fleshy pad sits over the top of
the thumb. And that gives us the right grip. So that is the first one. The second one is if you use the overlapping
grip. Or the Vardon grip. Which is this one here. A lot of people put that finger in the back. Now unfortunately with that grip in that situation
it’s creating too much tension in the middle patr of my hands and that won’t allow me to
release the club properly. So the absolute best place for that little
finger to be is up on top of those finger here. It feels terrible the first time you do it. It feels weak. But once again if it feels strong it is wrong. So we want to make sure that we have that
finger up over the top there. Okay. Now the last one is you have probably heard
coaches talk about we want a light grip pressure. The way I think about it. Is if I was to have a sword fight. I would want to be gripping the club quite
lightly and then I would have great control over what my club is doing. If I grip it very tightly. I don’t have a lot of control over what the
sword is doing. Likewise with golf we want to grip the club
reasonably lightly. The lighter I grip it the more control I have
over the clubface. Now the right tension is about 4 out of 10. 10 being the tightest I can grip 0 being the
lightest I can grip. So a lot of people have heard that before. People ude it. Here is a good way to try and test wheter
your hands are actually at about 4 out of 10. So you take your grip and your set up. And you want to be able to make a vertical
circle. If I can make a vertical circle. My hands are at the right gip tension. If I grip too tightly. I am not making much of a vertical circle
there. So we almost want to be able to hit the top
of my cap off my head my Mizuno cap there. I should be able to nearly knock ot off. I am hitting it there. My hands are light. I have got total control over what it is that
I am doing. So I hope you have enjoyed that. So those three things again. We want to make sure we are gripping the club
in the middle joint of our right hand. If you are left handed it’s in your left middle
joint of your left hand. We want to make sure that when we use the
Vardon grip we get the little pinkie on top of that left pointer finger. And we just want to keep watch with our grip
tension the lighter the better. 4 out of 10. Make a vertical circle. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can click on
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  1. Great for recheck have written that on side top of bag ( SIW )
    Strong is wrong it works on warm up and when I take a club
    Thanks Brian

  2. When watching you play in the late 80's I think I do remember you looking at your grip intensity I now know why maybe early 90's

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