2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | R1, F9, MPO | Barsby, Wysocki, Ulibarri, Fish

2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | R1, F9, MPO | Barsby, Wysocki, Ulibarri, Fish

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Delaware disc golf challenge presented by Innova disc golf We’ve got big Julie commentary myself and Paul Ulibarri Yeah, man, this is gonna be awesome Delaware First time there’s been a national tour here I think in a long time. So, it should be super exciting Yeah, we’re here at the Iron Hill disc golf course, a treacherous par 72 in the woods the entire time We basically have two holes where it’s kind of open for about mmm 100 200 feet The rest of it is gonna be just like this and this is actually a pretty generous fairway Hole one is a par four 605 feet slight dog leg So well, it’s actually a pretty good dogleg to the right here You want to throw a sidearm off the tee a really good shot can get somewhere over here near the short pin This is actually not the pin that we’re playing here in the competition We’re going another 150 feet back here through the woods. It is a tough starting hole. Oh, absolutely, and it kind of bottlenecks like, uh, Right there in the middle. So it’s a it’s a really tough landing area So honestly If you do throw sidearm which Barsby is about to do right now, you have to really push that left side edge Otherwise, you’ll kind of get pinched on the right side And this is gonna be the first official throw for Gregg Barsby as a World Champion And that’s a bit tight there That’s gonna need to get some love. Oh, it does. It kicks right back to the fairway. That was definitely drifting off into the rough And we have a special guest here Paul Ulibarri fourth place at the world championships Yeah, so this is my first throw as a fourth place champion And it looks like you’re going with your trusty f5, is that correct? Yeah, I’m really trying to push around the corner and have like an easier up shot. Um, I’ve just never had that much success laying up on this hole And this is turning nicely down the fairway if it doesn’t hyzer too much at the end which it does It’s gonna put you back into the rough I should’ve laid up And the two-time World Champion since we’re on the discussion of World Championships Ricky Wysocki here actually also going with the turnover I believe he’s gonna be throwing a compass Kind of surprised that he’s not going with the sidearm here. I really feel like it Opens up the fairway quite a bit That might be a little tight as well. Oh Yeah, hard to track that one but it looked like it got a little kick even to the right there I don’t know if I heard some boos there or not. But Andrew Fish is the returning champion of this event A player really well-known on the East Coast Very interesting style of throw Yeah, all you have to do is watch the flight of his disc though He has so much control one of the best woods players on the planet. Oh, yeah without question Oh, heads up spectator Spectator check. Oh goodness Yeah, Andrew Fish is a former Ultimate Frisbee player and you can see that a lot in his style and he really has a good control of the disc Here’s Ricky trying to make something happening with a roller it looked like but oh wow didn’t get it enough over there Right of that tree Should be easy par Could be, I feel like there’s no easy pars in this course, I mean there You can throw great drives, look at that shot from Andrew the approaches you, there’s always going to be 10 to 15 trees within 15 to 20 meters of the pin that you just have to miss on almost all your approaches throughout the whole course Here’s Barsby going probably rhino there That’s a good shot there. Yeah circles edge. Mm-hmm And how deep in the woods were you here about 15 feet? I was too far to where now my disc is vertical and We saw you throw a lot of those shots last week at Brewster Ridge going to a knee and throwing a lot of sidearm approaches Yep Advance advance advance on the East Coast. That’s what a yeah, exactly really the name of the game out here And Ricky’s got a look for his par from about 27 feet or so Yeah par on this course really isn’t too bad sometimes it feels kind of bad But then you’ll have rounds where it’s just like you’re begging for a par. Mmm It’s one of the most difficult courses that we’ll play all year I don’t know if I’ve ever actually played a par 72 on an 18-hole course before that’s It’s a grueling day. We’re set up for only four par threes on the entire course, which is just Grueling and I think it’s a fair par as well. I don’t I don’t think that there’s any really tweeners or anything like that It’s just that hard and Andrew with a great birdie start there with the perfect approach Showing why he is the former champion of this event really controlled two great shots there through the woods Hole two is a par 3 380 feet and this is a very specific line You have to throw I feel like the best play is going to be a hyzer flip backhand That gets through these woods misses this big tree here in the middle. I’m not sure if this is a Hickory Or an Oak or an Ironwood. I don’t know but that’s I was told by the tournament director There’s three trees out here on this course, we have Hickories, Ironwoods and Oaks. So I was reminded to Bring it to the commentary and we’re also going to this second circle here. Not that first basket yes, and looks like the drone footage might have beat the The the course staff bringing out the baskets for the long positions That’s two ghost pins that we’ve had out here that we haven’t quite been able to see the basket And he yanks that one a little bit to the to the right there, but honestly he’s pretty close to hitting the line He’s about two feet from actually probably getting all the way there. That’s how specific this shot is Yeah, you really have to push the high ceiling And that’s too wide as well. Yeah You can’t just throw an overstable disc because you won’t get the the glide that you need to get all the way up to the pin And this is that flippier x1 I believe is that Okay, we all three hit the same tree. Yeah, that’s that’s some consistency there, unfortunately Let’s see if Rick can break our habits here Yeah thanks Rick There’s an earlier tree. Yeah. Yeah, I think that A sidearm anhyzer really holds this fairway nice if you can throw it for that type of distance, but it is such a technical shot What does it say? 380? Yeah 380 feet. Yeah that’s a far sidearm to hold an anhy like that I know I don’t have that and Ricky comes up just short of the circle He’s gonna have a long putt for par. And there’s that Ultimate Frisbee style sidearm. Look at that shot from Andrew. What a recovery Yeah, that was a lot of touch Gregg’s been just running these lately I played with him a lot of rounds last couple weeks and he Gives those a run where I’m just like trying to slide it up there. He’s really in a different kind of zone Yeah, that’s what confidence will do If you feel like you can go 25 30 long and give it a look to make and then you’re gonna make that come backer then that’s just gonna open the door for all sorts of crazy shots Yeah, so you see this all hit that same tree and we all have we don’t have easy easy looks in you know It’s it’s definitely a scrambles man’s course and Ricky from about 40 feet Saves par it’s two par saves. He’s had to come up with so far What a putt that’s typical Ricky right there for you And par save there for you and looks like we’ll have most likely all pars on hole two Just playing very tricky. I mean these par 3s on this course are no joke This is the fourth hardest hole in the course and it’s a par three. I mean, that’s as we’ve got all blind There’s not one par three that you can see from the pin directly. They’re all blind shots Well, actually that’s not true hole thirteen I believe you can see from the tee, but it’s just a long tight tunnel. So The times that you do have an opportunity to get a two, it’s not easy Moving on to hole three par four 660 feet the low-ceiling tunnel tee shot here through this green way and Ladies and gentlemen enjoy this open air because this is about all you’re gonna see on this course this hole and the next hole is really the only Time you’re gonna see this much open sky Players are gonna want to throw either a sidearm or a late turn over perhaps even a roller. You just want to get down here And you want to avoid going too far left or coming up early in the woods on the right Because then you won’t have a look to the green down here Once again, the pin is not in its position, but it’s right here You can see the circle drawn just use your imagination put the basket right in middle that circle. Yeah And there’s the control Wow, that is such a beautiful shot, yeah that’s good on any fairway in the world So smooth great control Gregg going sidearm here And a sidearm needs to flip up. This is not flip up This is gonna be way early and Gregg is gonna be in some trouble here. Yeah, so that’s a one mistake You really can’t make here is a miss early right Because then your bottleneck to where there’s almost no chance to even get anywhere near the pin Yeah, it’s gonna be a lay up to the corner. Maybe he could pitch through but no way to get to the pin. I don’t think And that’s me doing my best Fish Impersonation. Yeah, that’s a really good one And that’s a good shot if you get over that hillside and you’re not bottle necked up to the right like you’re talking about Then you’re gonna have a look down to the pin Yeah in years past we saw Ricky throwing rollers and he goes with that play once again, this is looking really nice It needs to flip hard. Oh it is going pretty straight, but the grass is kind of long but Yep. It just keeps going down to that creek It’s gonna be a technical approach from there but a huge portion of distance he cut off right there. Yeah, he should be able to make something happen And Gregg was trying the cut roller, that could have been a good tree Actually, I think it might have stopped him from going deeper in the woods My trusty pa1 And kind of a Sheisty route there that was looking like that was gonna slide right up to the pin It’s a good shot though. Yeah That’s another thing about this place right now the ground play is a little bit inconsistent because of all the mud Yeah, you got the mud you got tons of rocks on this course, you’re gonna have a lot of roots as well They’re gonna be exposed footings a big key, even if you land in the fairway Sometimes you don’t have the best footing that you you would on other courses, so that’s you know Standstill sidearm, standstill backhands those come into play here a lot And Ricky with approach right outside the circle that should be in his range for a nice little birdie look Before Gregg threw this. He said I’m gonna just give this a little nose up run here and I’m like what? Yeah It’s pretty crazy because we have a downhill green as you can see that goes to the creek which is in bounds I thought he was kidding. No, he wasn’t no And Andrews with kind of a slight bid looked like he was a bit handcuffed behind that little group of trees Ricky comes up a bit short. It’s probably a common miss considering how slopped the green is behind the basket And that’s a nice birdie there it’s gonna be the only birdie on the card And these guy’s are just gonna clean up for some pars here, I think Somewhat surprising. This is one of the easier par fours on the course and oh goodness Yeah Held onto his finger what happened there, so he told me that he forgot his his main putter at the house So he had the putt with a new one, he’s putting with this black aviar and I think he was putting with the pink one last week and He has another pink backup, but he’s like it’s just not the same the black one felt a little better. So, okay well, yeah, those kind of thoughts can creep into your head when you’re playing that’s That’s a uncharacteristic miss for there for Gregg as we pick up a bogey and only one birdie on the hole Hole four is a 675 foot par four there’s a lot more open off the tee, but it’s a lot more specific on the landing zone Players are gonna want to throw Turn over turn over can get really far but we have the low ceiling here I think a good play here is a long Straight forehand that skips and finishes pretty far to the right if you get over here to the landing zone You can see the circle for the short pin. It’s gonna be the only real clear fairway to the pin on this short approach here Yeah definitely a Kind of a needle fairway when you get to the end there. It’s not very far, but it’s super tight Yeah, if you finish too far straight, it really makes it difficult to get anything near the pin I’m throwing my big my big Jerm stamped D3 used to be in your bag back in the day. It did me dirty though. So yeah. Thanks for that man I beat it up too much for you. I apologize Andrew also going for the big turnover A lot of angle on this this needs to get flat it does and that’s a really nice shot So smooth man. Mm-hmm This kind of looks like he’s just gracefully galloping on the tee Looks like Ricky’s lining up the roller again Once again I’m surprised about this. His forehand has been such a staple of his career and What am I saying? This is Incredible, yeah, yes That’s a shot that he’s been working on a lot over the last four or five years Is his roller and he’s obviously showing that He’s got a lot of control with that shot Barsby lining up the turnover. I like this line a lot. If this can flatten out miss these trees. This is gonna be fantastic Yeah, that’s the best drive. I’ve might have seen on this hole. Oh wow And that takes away so much of the technicality of the approach Yeah. Wow, what a great shot there from Gregg I believe you’re throwing your m2 here. Yeah my Wow And that was a great second shot. That’s gonna give you what 25 feet to the pin. Mm-hmm Yes, super happy with that result. I was expecting Par from there at best. Mm-hmm That just floated down the fairway that was so pretty Ricky is just gonna jump putt his way to a bird Okay even tried to go in like even what he’s laying up with his putt, it’s like Zoop Wow, it’s like I know I’m Ricky’s putter and I should be in the basket but like physics don’t make sense for me to be In the basket, but I’m gonna try my best anyways, and that is such an awesome grouping So if I can convert on this putt we’ll have a star frame and You do that is a very impressive grouping there for our lead card All three’s is on hole four moving on to hole five 695 690 foot par 5 and you can see the tee shot is very important You just want to get somewhere near this short pad off to the left stay somewhere in the fairway And then you’ve got another shot. That looks almost the exact same Super-tight all the way up distance is not the key But we are going uphill the whole way which makes it a little bit tricky in some ways But the really tough part is getting up here. Once again, this short pin is not the pin We are playing to we are actually going about another 60 feet up here on top of these rocks where these tiny trees Really come into play on your approach Yeah, it’s rare that you see a par 5 under 700 feet, but this is a true par 5. Mm-hmm and This is fantastic right down the middle flipping up Not much fade catches, maybe a little bit of root to stop it from skipping into the woods. That is a picture-perfect drive And Fish just being super smooth fairway Fish Needs to finish It gets a kick into the woods spectators beware tricky Ricky And Gregg with a nice rip up the fairway, that’s a beautiful shot. Yeah, and that’s perfect I believe that is his Thunderbird that he’s been throwing really well Right on the tee pad like we said, oh man, that’s so good And then just another smoothie Yeah, he really is that’s it’s awesome to watch and he actually has looks like he’s ditched his old form which is Was a unique form that you hadn’t ever seen anyone throw anything like it where he looked like he was about to throw a sidearm And then he switched back to the backhand grip and that’s uh something you’ll see a lot of times from ultimate players But no one really did it the way he did it. It was always uh Interesting to watch because it always confused you he never really throws forehand. So it was weird to see him line it up And Ricky caught early trick him back into the woods and then the Barsby catches a late tree kicks him Right, but he got the distance. They both should have something I’m guessing And this is one of the longer drives you’re gonna see on this hole there’s the possibility for an eagle chance With a drive like this It looks like you’re not holding anything back Wow now, I’ll have a long look there for the eagle. Yeah It’s so difficult to access this green in two. I mean just being up on those rocks You really can’t imagine getting anywhere closer than the circle’s edge at best Ricky just kind of scrambling the whole way up, but he should be able to get up and down for par there Greg has a wide sidearm Oh get in the hole! He’s just trying to make everything Wow, what a shot there. There’s so many things that you have to miss coming in and just I Mean they can’t imagine nothing splashing in, that was just incredible Wow, he just went with a tomahawk. Yeah or a thumber, yeah tommy Ricky trying to make it good run I hit one of those trees there trying to make it a Little extra work for my birdie but somehow managed to get it in there Fish with an easy birdie, Rick should tap in for par. Who just thinks from that distance to throw a little tomahawk or a thumber like that’s just That’s fun. I love seeing that kind of stuff that just shows how creative disc golf can be Hole six par four 625 feet Players are gonna want to go right side of this fairway Even though the drones going on a left side tight inside line Players are going to go down that right side there and just have a little bit of a finish maybe cut off about 330 feet off the tee landing somewhere up here in this grassy area preferably off to the right side of this grassy area From there, you’re gonna want to throw a turnover or a sidearm approach The pin is gonna be just past these rocks up here to the right and once again ghost basket Yeah, I think what happened is a Lot of these pins got moved to a spot for the women’s yes, right where you’re seeing these baskets out here in the overhead is where I believe the women will be playing right this weekend and That’s a great shot. Maybe you’d like to get another 40 50 feet off the skip there, but still good place yeah anywhere in the middle towards the right of the of Those middle trees like kind of where Fish is heading as long as he doesn’t get pinched up in there. Mm-hmm Like that’s good. Because now you have a straighter shot and more accessible green And Gregg has pulled this a little bit too far right unless it gets a good skip that’s gonna be a little bit tricky But hit he’s so far on the right hand side that he’ll be able to finagle a Sidearm, I believe through that gap because the fairway just gets more and more wide open. Yeah, and That’s exactly what you’re looking for there. I would be surprised and not see Ricky go with a harp approach from there see what I mean now that he’s so far on the right it’s wide open and And Andrew showing off the sidearm skill. Looking really good. It’s gonna get in about 25 feet away beautiful shot I’m not gonna lie. I miss his old form Yeah Just cuz it was so fun to watch. Yeah. Yeah, he’s like sidearms like backhands like sidearms And this is flexing beautifully that’s skipping up to the right side pin hi about 23 to 25 feet away And Gregg is lining up the forehand but he has to go inside the tree wow That’s pretty good very good shot there Wow And Rick lining up the harp, yeah, this is a super tough hole and if we can convert on all our putts It’s gonna be a star frame and that just doesn’t happen. Mm-hmm. No, not on this one. This one’s this one The average is 3.83. I’m surprised to see that these scores averaging below par as much as they are It’s a good putt there for Rick people are getting so good It’s you know Happening right there in front of us every day The best are as good as they’ve ever been but there’s just instead of five or six that are competitive with those Those top five or six guys. There’s 25 to 40 And there’s a putt from 25 feet and Gregg’s gonna come up here and Most likely tap in his birdie And we’ll have our second impressive star frame here on the front 9 from our future group. Oh Yeah Hole 7 par 3 370 feet That way down the hill tight woods the whole way First gap is right here between these two big Oaks Then we get down here and things get a little bit skinnier as we’re getting through This tighter gap players are got decides They want to go left side or right side of this tree and then just try to fade down here best Play is a use super-late turn or just a straight mid-range really all the way down I can imagine a player like James Conrad throwing a putter here But most people that don’t have that straight mid-range are going to be doing this with a little bit of a flex sidearm This is looking really nice of this you can get that late fade Wow You’re long of the pin it’s beautiful. What disc is that? That’s an old d2. It was one of the first five discs I ever got from prodigy Is that that orange one with the the green stamp? He Slips a little bit on the pad, but look at this get through my gosh and he’s running the pin So from the from the tee it looked like both of those were going in the hole. Yeah, because that you can only see Like you can see the basket kind of do the right side. Now, you can just barely see the band from the tee here Similar line it’s mine Get in the hole This basket need to watch out cuz you guys are coming in hot Wow three beautiful shots See if Ricky can get another shot inside the circle This is a bit low. Oh And gets zero skip whatsoever. I don’t know what he caught there. Oh That’s gonna leave some work there for Ricky to save his par Ricky up and in, does save the par He’s doing good job to save these pars He’s not getting a ton of birdies so far only 2 under, but he’s had three opportunities where he’s really had to work hard Yeah, that’s the thing about this courses if you’re off a little bit You can still save par and eventually if you’re playing well, you know, you’ll end up scoring somewhere in there It’s just the bogeys. That’ll that’ll catch you and kind of run your round on this course and it can happen really really fast And Greg tries to go with the pink putter this time Yeah you can tell you a little bit uncomfortable at that distance and When you don’t have your main putter, it can totally it can totally you know work for sure work you over for sure But and don’t look now Paul Ulibarri five down through seven charging start here Moving on to hol3 eight par five 670 feet. We talked about not many holes being under 800 feet or whatever being par fives. This one’s under 700 feet That’s how the East Coast does a lot of times in these woods you have these really tight tunnel shots And it’s just three specific shots that you have to throw this one You just want to get to the top of the hill from there. It’s a technical shot around the corner and then Another technical shot as I’d say most good shots are gonna get you right around this short pin here Which is where the par-5 used to be, but they decided to move it back a little bit here on top of this Triangular mound box tee basket pyramid thank you. That’s what I was looking for Shout-out to silver lat who I believe took the Eagle 3 on this hole I don’t know how he did it. But actually he did it on, was it on? It was on hole five actually, really Oh I thought it was on this hole, nevermind no shout out to you, shout out on hole 5 Before yeah, we should have given him a shout-out then. Yeah, I Believe that was that same orange d2 there for you Yeah, super happy with that drive anything that you get passed up towards the top of the hill Even if you’re right or left in the woods, you’re gonna be super happy with and Fish Flounders his way back into the fairway there with a good kick Gregg he’s fading a little bit right but like I said if you get to the top of the hill You’ll be able it’s it’s a 200 180 foot shot that you want to throw from there. Mm-hmm So if you can just get to the top of the hill, it really doesn’t matter if you’re way right over woods You’ll be able to probably make something happen Unless you do that yeah Ricky is that’s gonna be tough even with his scramble skills That’s about as tough as any rough hits on the planet But he’s got really good scrambles skills, so He’s the best at it I swear he is he just finds a way to get through the woods and in places that no one else could get creative or have the skill to do so Oh, wow Just a little bit of a kiss that maybe slowed it down a bit, but that was a beautiful flex side arm there from Fish. Really good shot there from Gregg. Mm-hmm great position yeah, and We talked about some of the pars maybe not quite being full… Like this one being a par-5 before and that short pin wasn’t really a true par-5 I think it was just a really difficult par four this one pushes it back to making it is a par-5 now for sure But it’s one of the easier par fives in the course. This is a hole you really would like to get your birdie on. Now it’s a great fight there with that flick roller Yeah. I’d actually get puts me inside circle two and a chance. I mean I I had hit early and kicked to the right and I basically had nothing, so anything with forward progress was awesome. Like a little slip there from Ricky, I don’t know what happened there, but he kicked off a tree. Fish showing that beautiful touch he has with the sidearm. And you can see all the crazy footing you can have on this course He’s just sitting on a rock. He said he was running this one as well. I mean why not? Like I can’t even imagine what it’s like to wake up the World Champion and go to an event the very next weekend and try to bring that same type of passion like what’s gonna entertain you? Throwing shots in from 350 feet. Yeah, maybe that’s it. Like pretty much it Felt that way actually playing with them like the crowd was just waiting for him. to just throw everything in it was awesome Ohh It just seems like I haven’t thrown Outside a circle like from outside like 42 feet in like two and a half years. Yeah, no one has besides Gregg Yeah, Gregg does it all the time, Ricky, Paul Mcbeth Fish flops his way in there on hole eight for the only birdie Oh, actually no Gregg Playing the hole perfectly. I apologize, Gregg Par save there for you and Ricky will have his par as well Moving on to the final hole the front nine here par-4 555 feet Once again tight tunnel fairway, you have to throw something very specific through these guardian trees, right here and if you can you can try to break it off to the right just a bit try to stay somewhere in the fairway an Ideal tee shots gonna get you somewhere up in these rocks here on the left side of the fairway and a really good tee shot And get you right here in about this big middle guardian tree and still no guarantee from there Because as you can see it just comes in a bottleneck area With just tree’s everywhere around the circle This course does an amazing job of keeping you honest and focused for 18 holes There’s no point where you can just kind of relax If you like this golf then this would be something you’d wanna watch Andrew Fish throw this tee shot Golly that’s such a nice pretty slow turn there. My disc has never gone that slow And that far at that speed except from 32 feet And Greg just a bit left Just catches the left side Guardian That’s gonna be a really difficult up and down for birdie. It’s gonna be a par save most likely for Gregg and I take this high turning. Oh My gosh, I really wanted to see it where that one went. I’m sure you did too it went about 180 feet in front of me And Ricky’s going for the pin here. Oh my Word catches the very last guarding. OH, before he made the turn another shot that I would just like this the risk/reward, you know We could totally throw a straight shot and play that. Oh could you Well, once in a while, maybe one out of three rounds I could But this place is so fun to just try to pound it down the fairway as far as you can I love courses like this to where you have the options and I’m I’m a pretty aggressive player when it comes to the woods and Gregg throwing a beautiful flick roller. What are you going with crazy rollertown. Look at these approaches here I’ve never seen a roller turned into a tomahawk 350 feet down the fairway before The woods does crazy things to you man. Yeah changes you we got three rollers changes you man If you see the things I’ve seen you you’d have a disc like that too I call it my get-out-of-jail-free card. Come back And Fish with a left side approach that needs to be really over stable it’s really good. Mm-hmm I’m gonna say Fish fillet. Yeah, I’d say Fish fillet for sure He’s floundering route about the circles edge there And Ricky with a man looked like he was kind of trying to pull Gregg Barsby run there Here’s Gregg lining up patent pending He’s gonna have to earn that one. And I’m outside up 42 feet so we know the result Good height, Gregg from outside the circle to save his par count it Great par save nice Like I focus on things of like good height and and things like that from there like that’s a make to me, you know 42 feet I’m like, I know I really made that one count and Andrew has Missed the birdie putt converted on his par little frustrated He knew that was one he could take from I mean you have the stats on this hole cuz it’s gotta be hard Oh, yeah, for sure. It’s the six hardest hole The average is over par, but only barely only average is a 4.02, what are their 62 Barry Schultz is out there well, the thing is on this course is it’s hard to get birdies, but it’s not that hard to get pars and The bird, the bogeys are hard to get to because you really you have to work hard to get a bogey I feel like so it’s it keeps you honest, but we only saw one bogey in the front nine which is pretty impressive There are a lot of greens front nine here on a course where a thousand rated is right at par It’s so we’re gonna see some good scores here on the front Nine gonna cut to the back nine in the first round, see how you guys finish up

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  14. So hard to watch, I love playing wooded courses, but watching is another thing. I feel like they could edit a shot from any tee with a catch cam shot from any hole and it would all look the same. Commentary is on point though.

  15. Having Uli on here talking about what he throws here was awesome as a person who bags a lot of prodigy, plus the commentary was amazing in general. Loved seeing Fish out here too. Super buttery shots. Great coverage as always!

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