Амур – Автомобилист прогноз|27.12.2019|Amur – Avtomobilist

Амур – Автомобилист прогноз|27.12.2019|Amur – Avtomobilist

in Khabarovsk on the platinum arena
with the next match khl amur accepts motorist welcome all lovers
hockey fans bet on sports in the tournament the table cars takes
seventh line the team we can fight the stream dynamo moscow i wang
there we see ourselves that even dynamo and the vanguard for one game and 2 more
spent than a car from well and cupid us is on line 19 of course
that you don’t have to fight for anything we have a team already this season 23 green
lost has thirty seven points in its asset
let’s go to the form and look at what form are both teams now
please start the cupid team us after losing to motorists just
it was an away match Cupid managed to visit a tough match for
the shootouts beat the tractor 2 3 next 2 home games against dean minsk and
torpedo from Nizhny Novgorod but here we celebrate
what amor amor we have super conducts fourth period the team lose 03
I managed to score four goals here, probably all the same, let’s say about
that dynamo minsk is not in the best shape right now
but also a match against torpedoes probably thanks to the team succeeded
score two goals in the first period probably it’s somehow and then
promoted a team to somewhere close somewhere to play trickier well and in
in the end, we see that very very important victory
as for home match only i told us cupid only only
here is the start of the winning streak but before that certainly
there were unsuccessful matches here we see that You see, they lost and kunalu her well and
In principle, all defeats with such minimum score regarding the game
motorist team abides now probably at the peak in the best shape we see
what if for example home matches vs Riga
against cupid and against petrochemical team did not experience any problems
won in regular time further we see that away matches since
kun moon 14 but here is a match against Admiral still cars with small
I definitely experienced problems I think that I should
the game is precisely against the admiral but and we see that the motorist
the extra time we had was stronger as for the guest match, here
probably it can be noted that cars so many once blundered
match against sochi shootout team also lost so here and the locomotive
outplayed from yaroslavl outplayed in additionally
and a torpedo that is, in principle, possible watch we are impressed by the results
Yekaterinburg team red-handed the confrontation we won Cupid in
seventeenth year only in extra time 32 so we see
that most victories prevail here motorists and you can remember
look at the result where motorists and eight washers
scores 553 in the last match here we have a motorist
scored moving on to bets I would probably like to say that after all
motorist will be hard in the third game in a row but I think that all the same
small margin on the side motorists especially performer
let’s say it will be a little stronger than that Khabarovsk team therefore bid
i will make safari 0 odds 1,616 and patency rate seventy
four percent friends if you haven’t decided on a bookmaker or
your something does not suit you go on
link in the description to drive the promotional code and get a bonus well and let’s win
sports betting channel with me brand if you have any questions
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